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Difference Between Pokemon Diamond and Platinum

Pokemon Diamond vs Platinum

If you are fond of playing games in the Nintendo DS, then one of the popular, must-have titles is the Pokemon game series. If you have played Pokemon Diamond, completely named as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, then you may be excited to get your hands on its enhanced version – Pokemon Platinum.

Released by Nintendo for the said portable console from third quarter 2006 to third quarter 2007 worldwide, Pokemon Diamond enjoyed excellent ratings from prominent game review authorities sporting more than 80% approval in almost all cases. While both the Diamond and Platinum were exceptional in terms of worldwide sales, the remake Pokemon Platinum (released across the globe starting from third quarter of 2008 to second quarter of 2009) was hailed as the fastest-selling game of the console during its time period. As expected, it is filled with more features and upgrades from what DS players have come to embrace in its earlier predecessor. Some of the most marked-up enhancements come from several key areas which are in terms of: aesthetics, game play, and storyline. Nevertheless, there are also improvements in the maps and obtainable Pokemons.

Aesthetic-wise, Pokemon Platinum basically changes the attires of Pearl, Dawn, and Lucas to support a winter climate because of the cold weather at the Sinnoh region. Another very obvious change is the template for the game HP, Pokemon name and level which has been darkened in a gray shade as compared to its whitish hue in Diamond. It is also shaped differently. In addition, if you’re fond of doing the “Razor Leaf” move, then you may be surprised that it has been mostly redone along with other standard game moves. Battling with the trainers has changed as well as evidenced by sprite animation improvements and the use of seals by the trainers themselves when they send out their respective Pokemons. The Elite Four (the rooms where gamers usually do battle) and the gym (Eterna, Veilstone, and Hearthome) have been redesigned especially in their interiors.

In Platinum, both the gamer and his rival player can already meet Cyrus at the beginning of the game at Lake Verity. There is also a new playable world with floating floors called the Distortion World. Two new characters (Handsome – an undercover police officer and Team Galactic’s Professor Pluto) add depth to the gaming experience. There are many other storyline changes at the same time.

Pressing “A” or “Start” at the title screen elicits Giratina’s cry. This is contrary to playing the standard background music when pressing the same in the Diamond version. Supporting as much as 20 gamers at a time, the WiFi area has been concentrated into a so-called WiFi Square. Moreover, an important game item named “Battle Recorded” is made available in the Platinum version as it allows the sharing and recording of game battles. Other game play changes include the increase in surfing speed and reversion of hypnosis accuracy at 60.


1.The Pokemon Diamond Nintendo game is a newer version compared to the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
2.There are aesthetic changes in the Platinum version compared to its predecessor like the clothing of the characters, HP template, animation of game moves among others.
3.There are storyline changes like meeting Cyrus at the start of the game and the addition of new characters Prof. Pluto and “Handsome.”
4.There are game play changes like the WiFi Square, surfing speed, hypnosis accuracy, and many others.

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