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Malls vs Outlets

The malls and outlets can offer different shopping concepts for their customers. Although both of them offer a variety of merchandise, it would be more obvious that the mall can offer more choices for the shoppers. This is because malls are a variety of stores that are physically connected. The mall consists of different stores which extend the choices for shoppers. On the other hand, the outlet is just a single discount store that may still offer a variety of merchandise. However, it would be clear that it could offer less choices compared to malls since it is just one store.

Customers also have their own preferences when it comes to the prices. Some buyers would like simpler merchandise. With that being said, people who have this particular preference would have more convenience shopping in outlets. That is because outlets commonly offer less extravagant or just simple merchandise. There are also shoppers that have tighter budgets for their shopping. With that being mentioned, people who have tighter budgets tend to go to outlets to go shopping. It is because the outlets have cheaper merchandise.

On the other hand, those who can be considered impulsive spenders can spend their money in malls. As aforementioned, malls can offer a wider variety of merchandise compared to those of the outlets because of the number of stores in the malls. And with the greater spending mentioned, shoppers who are willing to spend more money for shopping can go to malls. It is due to the somewhat pricey merchandise in malls. Moreover, contrary to some outlets, malls have a better quality of merchandise.

As mentioned earlier about the quality of the merchandise, outlets and malls have differences because malls receive the items straight from the manufacturers. On the other hand, outlets would usually get their merchandise from the surpluses of the malls. This is also the reason why the price of the merchandise is cheaper in outlets compared to the merchandise in malls.

The malls and outlets also have differences comparing their parking lots. Malls tend to have larger parking lots since malls could accommodate more people. On the other hand, the outlets may have smaller parking lots or none at all. One huge advantage, though, for an outlet is that they can pull off sales online. On the other hand, malls are just limited to one area.


1.Malls offer a wider variety of merchandise compared to outlets.

2.Outlets have cheaper merchandise compared to malls.

3.Malls receive merchandise from the manufacturer while outlets receive merchandise from the surplus from malls.

4.Malls have wider parking lots whereas the outlets have smaller parking lots or none at all.

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