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We can compare both the Honda Civic and Insight on the basis of ride quality, driving comfort, usability, overall interior comfort, features and price.

The Civic beats the Insight with regards to luxury and convenience, whereas the Insight in Eco, or green mode, has ability to get a higher potential mileage. The Civic, on the other hand, has a 50+ range of mpg. Car manufacturers of compact cars have been in the process of upgrading cars by providing more comfort and convenience to their customers, such as in the case of the Honda Civic and Insight. As far as resale value and safety ratings, the Civic beats the Insight. The Civic has more acceleration and overall reliability when compared to the Insight. With a comfortable interior and good ride quality, the Civic is preferred over the Insight. It is more expensive than the Insight, but its fuel economy is excellent, and that compensates the high price.

The Civic has an excellent interior, and better crash results when compared to the Insight, but its drawback is that road noises can be heard from the inside of the car, and you can feel it vibrating when driving on rough roads. Although the Civic is not as affordable as the Insight, it has a firm ride, with a slow automatic acceleration.

If we do a specific comparison between the Honda Civic and Insight 2010 models, then the Civic body is a four-door hatch and the Insight is a four-door sedan. The difference between their wheelbase is 100.4 for the Insight and 106.3 for the Civic. If we compare their length, width and height, then the Civic’s length is 176.7, width is 69.0 and height 56.5, whereas the Insight’s length is 172.3, width is 66.7 and height is 56.2. The fuel capacity of the Civic is 13.2 when compared to the Insight, that is 10.6. The difference between the net price of the Civic and Insight is $2,740; the Civic’s base price is $23,800 and the Insight’s base price is $21,300. For a navigation system in a Honda Civic, you will pay $2,000, and for the Insight $1,800. The difference between net invoices is $1,988, which gives the Insight the lowest net invoice when compared to the Civic. If we compare the features of the Civic and Insight, the EPA fuel economy of the Insight is 40/43, and of the Civic is 40/45. The Civic includes iPod integration, body-side moldings and floor mats, whereas the Insight has graphical fuel economy cues, heated mirrors and a folding second row included as standard features.


1. The Civic is a luxurious car which beats the Insight with convenience.
2. The Insight has a green mode to get more potential mileage.
3. The Civic is more expensive than the Insight, and difference between the net price of both cars is $2,740.
4. The Civic has an excellent interior, but outside noises of the road can be heard from the inside of the car.
5. The Insight has standard features such as heated mirrors and graphical fuel economy cues, but the Civic is preferred over the Insight for crash safety and resale value.

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