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Difference Between Jam and Preserves

Jam vs Preserves

There are a number of similarities between jam and preserves. To begin with, they are all made from fruits. The fruit being used is more or less similar. In some cases, it is possible to use the same fruit to make both jam and preserves.

The difference between jam and preserves is not in the type of fruit being used to make them. It is in the process of making them. Using the same fruit, you can produce jam, and similarly you can use it to produce preserves. This clearly shows that jam and preserves have similarities and also have differences.

The process of producing jam and preserves is not long and tedious as some may want to portray it. It is much easier than it is made to look and does not take too much time. Once you have collected the necessary ingredients to use in the production process, the actual time that you use to go through the whole production process is quite short.

The difference between jam and preserves is that jam is made from chopped or crushed fruit. Other additives that are included to make it what it is are: sugar, pectin, and lemon juice. Each of these ingredients performs a unique task that makes the product what it is. In the process, the jam jells together to become what it is.

Besides this, jam has the soft pulp or what is known as puree of the fruit. The fruit itself is not in the finished product. This is not the case with preserves. The process of making preserves differs from that of jam quite a bit. As earlier stated, it is this process that brings about the main difference between the two products.

It is not easy to tell the difference between preserves and jams. Many people have confused the two products. However, the difference between jam and preserves is that preserves contain whole fruit chunks in them. These chunks of fruit are normally cooked in a solution of sugar until they float on it or are suspended in the syrup. You need to ensure that it does not jell. If it jells together, you will have abandoned the process of making preserves and turned it into something entirely different.

The other preliminary processes are more or less similar. Regardless of what you are making, an issue such as picking the fruit is of absolute importance. The different products being made need very high-quality fruits. As a result, this is something that must be shared as it cuts across the whole process. There is no product that is scheduled to be made from poor-quality fruit.


1.The differences between jam and preserves are:

2.Jam is made from chopped or crushed fruit.

3.Preserves are made from whole chunks of fruit.

4.Jam contains sugar, pectin, and lemon juice.

5.Preserves are only boiled in sugar.

6.Jam is allowed to jell.

7.Preserves are not jelled in the process of manufacturing.

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  1. I have a recipe that calls for apricot jam. I don’t have any on hand but I do have apricot preserves. Will it work out to use the preserves in place of the jam?

  2. This was a great explanatory article. I never knew the differences between a jam, a jelly or a preserve. This article clarifies that for me and makes me want a peanut butter and jelly, jam or preserve sandwich to experience the taste differences.

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