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  1. Andy
    July 12, 2011

    Couple things

    a) As a clarification, no decent producer of Oaxacan mescal will have worms in the bottles. The worm is only used as some sort of kitchy draw to the uneducated. Avoid any bottle with worms in it.

    b) The most interesting mescals tend to be blanco. The dorado, reposado and anejo versions of mescal take on too much wood, eliminating much of the interesting character of the various terroirs and maguey blends or varietals. It is not to say that the dorado, reposado or anejo versions are bad, but they do give up some interesting characteristics that will be replaced by a more western traditional liquor aged flavor.

    c) There are multi-distillation mescals, though (like many mescal production processes) this is not consistent even for producers. Artisanal mescal is still very much up to the whim of those running the palenque.


  2. John Amer
    March 28, 2020

    nice article.
    thank you,


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