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Difference Between Molasses and Syrup

Molasses vs Syrup

Time was when man ate whatever edible food he could find, consuming it raw. Then he discovered fire and realized that food tastes better when it is cooked. In time he discovered other ways to prepare food; cooking it in different ways to produce food with varied flavors.
As time passed, man’s taste for food became more complex, and he developed procedures and means to satisfy his cravings. He developed a thing for sweet food, and found a way to create sugar which he can add to bland food that he wants to sweeten.
Thus syrup and molasses came to exist through man’s quest to satisfy his sweet tooth. Syrup literally means something drunk, which comes from the Arabic word “sharab,” meaning “drink.” Arab drinks are sweetened. So when the word reached the West, it came to be referred to as a thick, sweet liquid.
Syrup is made by combining sugar and water or by naturally reducing the juices of cane, sorghum, corn, and fruits. It can be made by dissolving sugar in hot or cold water or by boiling it until it forms into crystals.
There many types of syrup which are used in preparing food, beverages, and medicines, and in the manufacture of other industrial products. Some of them are:

Simple syrup which is made with hot water and sugar and is used for sauces, toppings, and preserves.
Flavored syrup which is made by adding flavors into a simple syrup and is used to make flavored drinks.
Gomme syrup which is made with sugar, water, and gum Arabic as an emulsifier and is used in mixed drinks.
Golden syrup which is a by-product of the crystallization of sugar.
Molasses which is a sticky and thick by-product of sugar cane or sugar beet processing.

“Molasses” comes from the Portugese word “melaco,” which comes from the Latin word “mel,” meaning “honey” because its taste and texture resembles that of honey. Aside from sugar cane and beets, it can also be made from grapes, dates, pomegranates, mulberries, and carob. It is made by extracting the juice of the sugar cane through crushing or mashing. The juice is then boiled to make a concentrate and to crystallize the sugar. This produces the first molasses which has the highest sugar content.
Boiling it a second time produces the second molasses, which has a slightly bitter taste. The third boiling produces the blackstrap molasses which has less sugar content but contains certain amounts of vitamins and minerals.


1.“Syrup” comes from the Arabic word “sharab” which means “drink” while “molasses” comes from the Portugese word “melaco” which means “honey.”
2.Syrup is a mixture of sugar and water while molasses is a by-product of the sugar-making process.
3.Molasses is a type of syrup.
4.Both are used as a base for food and beverages, but syrup can be made by simply mixing together sugar and water while molasses is made by boiling the juice of whatever fruit is available.

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  1. When making a cake can I use scurup instead of molasses ??

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