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Difference Between Chi and Ultra Chi

Chi vs Ultra Chi

When one reads the word “chi,” the first thing that comes to mind is the “energy form,” but here we are talking about Chi and Ultra Chi hair irons. These hair products are used to straighten the hair and are also called flat irons.

Chi flat irons
The Chi Flat Iron Company was established in 2002. It is an online company and sells flat irons online. Their customers are present all over the world, and the flat irons used are of a professional quality. This company provides discounts online, sometimes up to 60 per cent, and the shipping is free.
The Chi flat irons are available in many models. The price ranging from $160 to $270. There are almost 26 models available on the market. Some of the models available in the market are:

Original Chi flat iron.
Chi flat iron.
Turbo Chi flat iron; these are present in different colors.
Tribal zebra Chi flat irons; these are also available in colors like white, pink, purple and blue.
Dazzle Chi flat iron, pink and blue are the frequent favorites.
Camo collection which has blue-green and pink colors available.
Chi Auto Digital Advanced Technology.
Chi Nano Digital 3-Button flat iron.

There are many more models which can be researched on the official site for Chi flat irons.


The main feature about these products which make them very popular in the market is that they are capable of ironing or straightening the toughest of hair. These irons conduct heat quickly and retain it better and more effectively than other irons. Retaining the heat results in sealing in the moisture of the hair thus making it more smooth and hydrated so that the hair looks shiny.

These flat irons come with a guarantee and are affordable. One must take care, though, not to drop them as they are made of ceramic and can break upon falling. They give a good result for 2-3 years.

Some other features of the chi products are that they have a lightweight design. They do not damage hair like other copper coil products. Furthermore, they save energy, have an “all in one” ergonomic design, and a 360-degree swivel cord so that the cord doesn’t tangle. As they are made of ceramic, they maintain temperature at all times, repel humidity, and lock in the hair color.

Ultra Chi Flat Iron

The Ultra Chi flat iron is almost similar to the Chi flat iron, but the main difference is that the body is made of plastic and it heats up very quickly. The heat cannot be controlled in the Ultra Chi, but it works fast and effectively and gives the desired result in less time.

They are also available in many colors, but “red” is most popular and the costliest.


Chi and Ultra Chi are not very different, but the most important difference between them is that the Ultra Chi has a flash heating feature; whereas other Chi flat irons heat effectively but not as quickly as the Ultra Chi.

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