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Difference Between White and Red Quinoa

White  vs red quinoa

Quinoa is a staple food that comes from the great Inca Civilization. It originated in the Andes of South America and has been cultivated since 3000B.C. It is a food that is very high in protein. Even the seeds are found to be very rich in calcium, iron, Vitamin A, and some of the B vitamins. The quinoa seeds also come in different colors. They come in white, purple, red, orange, or black. Quinoa is used as grain for culinary purposes, but it is actually related to beets and chards. This food is also called ‘the gold of the Incas’ or the ‘mother grain,’ because this food is complete with protein. Modern cooks discovered these golden fruits of the Incas, and after that, hundreds of quinoa recipes were created to satisfy every gourmet’s palate.

Quinoa comes in different colors. It comes in white, red, and black. The color is one of the major differences between the kinds of quinoa. But beyond that, you will find that the one quinoa is much more preferred by humans than the other because of its very strong flavor while the other is favored by the animals because it’s less bitter. To know more of the Incan delicacy differences, read on.

The white quinoa is called regular quinoa while Inca red is what they call the dark red quinoa. There are 120 types of quinoa, but the white quinoa and the red quinoa are the ones cultivated the most. These two types of quinoa are the most popular of all. Cooking the quinoa will show you one of its minor differences. The color of the quinoa after cooling will depend on which quinoa you cooked. When they are cooked, the white quinoa turns light gold, and the dark red quinoa turns medium brown in color. When white quinoa is cooked, it will look like white rice while the red one will look like brown rice. The taste between each kind of quinoa is a little different as well. The red and white quinoa will be a little more subtle to your taste buds. The white one is lighter and, when eaten raw, is less bitter than that of the red one. This is the precise reason why animals love to feed on the white over the red. The red quinoa is somewhat earthy, strong in flavor, and nuttier. That is why many consumers choose this over the white one. Both of the kinds of quinoa (red or white) are rich in protein. It is complete with all nine amino acids. Quinoa is also rich in manganese, magnesium, vitamin B2, and iron. There are actually no differences between each other when it comes to nutrition.



The main difference is the color. The white one is called the regular quinoa while the red one is called the Inca red quinoa.

When they are cooked there is also a difference in color. The white one will turn somewhat gold while the red one will turn brown.

The red quinoa is earthier in taste while the white one is somehow lighter. Also, the red one is more nutty and crunchy than the white one.

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  1. Another thing that is left out is that the red quinoa is more nutritious than the white quinoa. Red quinoa needs more time to be digested just like every other grain that is darker in color i.e. white rice vs brown rice.

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