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Difference Between Raw Sugar and White Sugar

Raw Sugar vs White Sugar

Imagine the world without sweetness. I’m talking about what’s most admired by our taste buds, the sweet taste. I can’t imagine the world without sweets. We would only taste bitterness, sourness, and saltiness. No chocolates, no candies, nothing sweet.

But thanks to man’s discovery, we can taste and drink anything sweet. Thanks also to sugar cane from which all of our table sugar is extracted. Now we can use and add sugar to any dish or drink we want to sweeten.

Raw sugar and white sugar come to the rescue when we are in need of sweeteners. But did you know that these two types of sugar are different?

Raw sugar and white sugar differ in color. When the final product of raw sugar is already processed, its color is brown due to the molasses. In white sugar, the final color of the product is white which we can see in grocery stores and supermarkets.

The process of making raw sugar and white sugar is also different. For the raw sugar, first, sugar cane is pressed for its juice. The juice of the sugar cane is sweet. Then lime is mixed with the juice. This is done to achieve the pH balance that is required. Then it will go to the evaporation process. A centrifuge is utilized to separate the contents. Then it undergoes drying. The final product is what you call raw sugar which is colored brown due to the molasses.
The process of making white sugar starts from the raw sugar. However, it is bleached with certain chemicals to produce its white appearance. It starts when the raw sugar is mixed with syrup. It undergoes centrifugation to remove any unwanted coating. Sulphur dioxide is then used to bleach the raw sugar. Then certain chemicals, such as phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide, are added to remove impurities.
With health benefits on which sugar is better, studies have concluded that there are no major differences on both types of sugar. Of the calories per teaspoon, raw sugar contains 17 calories while white sugar only contains 16 calories.


1.White sugar is white in its shade while raw sugar is brown in its shade.
2.Raw sugar is processed in a simple manner while white sugar undergoes chemical processing.
3.Raw sugar has 17 calories per teaspoon while white sugar has 16 calories.

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