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Difference Between Sucrose and Fructose

Sucrose vs Fructose

There are many things in life that help in making it more enjoyable, exciting, and a lot better than it already is. Different items are available that can enhance man’s quality of life, his appearance, well-being, the way that he does things, and the food that he eats.

To enhance the flavor of food and make it more palatable, it is necessary to add condiments which can either be dry or in liquid form. Condiments include herbs and seasonings, oils and syrups, vinegar and ketchup, salt and sugar, and many more.

Sugar is a carbohydrate that can be acquired from fruits and vegetables. It is extracted from sugar cane and sugar beets and is crystallized through the process of filtration. It comes in several different forms; glucose, lactose, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, and fructose.

Sucrose is sugar wherein two small molecules (glucose and fructose) combine together to form one large molecule. It is most commonly known as table sugar or refined sugar that is available in several types: fine, coarse, powdered, fruit sugar, confectioner, and baker’s. It is a safe and natural way to sweeten certain food preparations such as juices and drinks, gelatin and other mixes, breads and pastries, for frosting and creams, jellies and jams, candies, and other sweetened foods.

When sucrose is digested, it separates into the glucose and fructose molecules. Glucose provides energy and stimulates production of leptin which tells the brain of hunger. Fructose is converted into free fatty acids and triglycerides that interfere with leptin levels. It can be acquired from fruits, fruit juices, and honey. It is sweeter, and does not raise blood sugar levels. Only a little amount of fructose is needed to achieve a certain amount of sweetness so only a few calories are absorbed by the body.

It is 100 per cent broken down by the liver. And if it is consumed in large doses, it can overwork the liver and cause damage. It is highly fattening and can lead to obesity although it is recommended for diabetics as it has low levels of GLUT5 which can trigger the production of insulin.


1.Sucrose is a type of sugar that is formed by combining two small molecules into one large molecule while fructose is one of the molecules found in sucrose.
2.Sucrose is the most common type of sugar and comes in the form of refined, confectioner, baker’s, and coarse sugar while fructose is not as widely used as sucrose although it is also available for use in baking and other food preparations.
3.Fructose has high amounts of fat as it is converted into free fatty acids and triglycerides while sucrose does not.
4.One can get fructose from fruits and honey while sucrose can be obtained from fruits and vegetables.
5.Fructose is recommended for use by diabetics while sucrose is not.
6.Fructose is sweeter, and any food or drinks only need less of it to obtain the same amount of sweetness that can be had with a larger amount of sucrose.

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