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Difference Between Ego and Etek Paintball Guns

ego-parintballgunamEgo vs Etek Paintball Guns

People look for entertainment in a variety of games and sports, individually, or in teams. Over the last 34 years, Paintball has evolved into a very popular game. Ego and Etek are variations of guns used in the game of Paintball, and this article discusses Paintball and the differences between these two types of Paintball markers.

Paintball is a game that individuals or teams can play, with the objective to eliminate the opponents by shooting them with paint pellets, fired from specially made guns called Paintball markers. Various environments can be set up for the players to ‘stalk’ their opponents around obstacles, and different objectives are set for the winning team.

There are various goals for completing the game, such as eliminating all of the opponents, capturing a particular territory or pennant, or attacking a specific target. These games can last from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the rules, the players, and the objectives.

The Ego Paintball Marker is an expensive, high-performance, electro-pneumatic gun, that employs a pneumatic solenoid to trigger the bolt action and hammer, which controls how the paint pellets are loaded and fired. There are four components to this gun, which includes:

Ø Body ‘“ contains the main components, the frame for the trigger, the bolt and the valve, and are typically made of light-weight aluminum.

Ø Loader ‘“ component that stores the paintballs for the marker, and is fed by gravity, which is agitating and force fed.

Ø Tank ‘“ component that stores the compressed gas, such as carbon dioxide, industrial nitrogen, or propane.

Ø Barrel ‘“ component down which the pellets travel as they are fired; generally made of aluminum. There are one, two, and three piece barrels for the various types of markers, which are typically between 3 and 21 inches long; although custom barrels can be up to 36 inches.

The Etek is a scaled-down model of the Ego. It is a stacked-tube electro-pneumatic paintball marker that is more affordable. It contains a quick-pull bolt, a double trigger, multiple firing modes, an in-line and low-pressure regulator, bottle adapter, and ported barrel.

Even though the Etek and the Ego are very similar, there are some main differences between the two, which include:

Ø The Etek doesn’t support an LCD screen; instead, it flashes LED lights.

Ø The Etek has more cost effective machining and anodizing.

Ø The Etek is slightly heavier.

Both the Ego and the Etek have the capability to fire in semi-automatic mode, and are rated excellent for accuracy and reliability. They run on nine-volt batteries, and if the routine maintenance is performed as recommended, they will be trustworthy and consistent for a long time. Maintenance is as simple as lubricating the rammer, cleaning the breech and anti-chop eyes, and oiling the adapter.


1. The Ego Paintball Marker is an expensive, high-performance, electro-pneumatic gun, but the Etek is a scaled-down model of the Ego.

2. The Etek doesn’t support an LCD screen; instead, it flashes LED lights.

3. The Etek has more cost effective machining and anodizing than the Ego.

4. The Etek is slightly heavier than the Ego.

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