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Difference Between Canon Rebel XT and Canon Rebel XTi


Canon Rebel XT vs Canon Rebel XTi

The Canon Rebel XTi is an upgrade to Canon’s entry level offerings. It offers a lot of improvements over its predecessor, the Canon Rebel XT. The most major improvement would be the 10 megapixel sensor. Although this does not seem like such a big step to the XT’s 8 megapixel sensor, it now includes a 9 point AF capability that gives the user more freedom in composing their shots.

Canon also added an integrated cleaning system on the XTi, which went against their constant claim of having no dust problem. To achieve this, Canon included a number of changes that minimized the possibility of dust entering the sensor cavity. The materials in the mirror box have been changed to those that generate lesser dust. The sensor surface was coated with a anti-static coating so that it does not attract dust particles. The body cap has also been improved to counteract cheaper lenses that had a tendency of drawing air in. Lastly, a separated anti-alias filter is able to vibrate to shake off any dust that manages to stick. If all else fails, any dust particle that cannot be removed from the sensor can be deleted with the use of software by mapping the dust particles.

The status display on the XT was removed in the XTi and the relevant information has been moved to the 2.5 inch main display of the XTi. A proximity sensor added close to the viewfinder turns off the LCD whenever you hold the camera close to your face in order to conserve power and extend the life of your battery.

The XTi also had a lot of changes when it comes to the software loaded into the camera. It now adds additional picture styles, image magnification and image rotation in record view, better noise reduction, and a larger range of parameter adjustments. The user interface on the XTi has also been improved to make it easier and more intuitive for the user.

1.The XTi has a better sensor than the XT.
2.The XTi has an integrated cleaning system while the XT does not.
3.The XTi has a proximity sensor while the XT does not.
4.The status display in the XT has been removed and the data has been .moved to the main display in the XTi.
5.The XTi has some added software capabilities compared to the XT.

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