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Difference Between Canon XS and Canon XSi

canon_xsi_amCanon XS vs Canon XSi

The XSi is an extended model of the XS digital SLR camera from Canon with a few modifications that extends its capabilities. For starters, the XSi model is equipped with a 12 megapixel sensor. Better than the 10 megapixel sensor that is installed in the XS. The LCD screen of the XSi has also been upgraded to 3 inches, which is half an inch bigger than the 2.5 inch screen on the XS, providing the user with a bigger and better view of his subject.

Aside from these easily identifiable differences, there are also other changes that make the XSi better than the XS. The XSi has a 9 point autofocus feature compared to the 7 point autofocus of the XS. While the XS can only do partial metering, the XSi model is also capable of using spot metering. After the image is taken, it goes to processing. The XS model uses a 12 bit image processing engine while the XSi uses 14 bits. These features allow the photographer to take better features.

There are also features that were added to the XSi that does not affect the quality of the photos taken but generally improves the performance or comfort of the camera. The proximity sensor that is installed in the XSi but not on the XS, shuts off the LCD whenever the user raises the camera to his face to look at the viewfinder. This prolongs the battery life of the camera allowing for more shots for every charge. The XSi is also capable of working with a wireless remote that has no possibility of getting tangled. The XS does not have this capability and can only work wired remotes.

These features come at a literal price as the XSi is more expensive compared to the XS model.

1. The XS has a 10 megapixel sensor while the XSi is equipped with a 12 megapixel sensor
2. The LCD screen of the XS is half an inch smaller compared to the XSi
3. The XS has a 7 point autofocus while the XSi is equipped with a 9 point autofocus
4. The XSi has spot metering while the XS only has partial metering
5. The XS uses a 12 bit image processing system while the XSi uses 14 bits
6. The XSi has a proximity sensor while the XS does not
7. The XSi can use a wireless remote while the XS can only use a wired remote
8. The XSi costs more than the XS

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  1. In Europe the model numbers used by Canon are different..the XS is 1000D and XSi 450D.

    Maybe worth adding in brackets on the title???

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