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Difference Between Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra

elantraHonda Civic vs Hyundai Elantra

The Elantra is the cheaper of the two cars if you compare the base prices prior to adding other options. The engine of the Elantra though is slightly better than that of the Civic. This probably doesn’t make any difference and there is also no noticeable difference in fuel efficiency.

When it comes to the entertainment system, the Elantra has a hand up as it has satellite radio for people who like its wide selection of stations and a USB port so that you can connect your flash drives to your sound system or any other device that uses the USB port. On the other hand, the Civic has an iPod dock where you can fit your iPod and have it play the music on your car’s sound system.

The instrumentation panel of the Civic has also gone digital unlike that of the Elantra which is still analog. Another feature that is lacking on the Elantra is a temperature gauge that can measure how hot or cold it is outside, the Civic has this. But the Elantra is better for bad weather conditions as it has fog lights and its visor mirrors are illuminated. The Civic has no fog lights and its visor mirrors are not illuminated.

A major difference that might attract buyers is the upholstery inside the car. The seats of the Civic are covered in leather while that of the Elantra is not. The leather makes the car more comfy and more elegant. The Civic also has ambient lighting on the interior while the Elantra does not. On the outside, the Civic has side moldings while the Elantra doesn’t have the same.

1. The Elantra is cheaper than the Civic
2. The Elantra has a slightly more powerful engine than the Civic
3. The Elantra has a satellite radio and a USB port while the Civic has an iPod Dock
4. The Civic has digital instruments and an exterior temperature gauge while the Elantra does not
5. The Elantra has fog lights and illuminated visor mirrors not found on the Civic
6. The Elantra is equipped with a trip computer while the Civic is not
7. The seats of the Civic is covered in leather while that of the Elantra is not
8. The Civic has interior ambient lighting while the Elantra does not
9. The Civic has side moldings while the Elantra does not

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  1. Elantra’s interior illlumination is a soft blue that is easy on the eyes at night while being highly visible and easy to read and comes equipped with an iPod jack/MP3/USB port as standard equipment.


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