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Difference Between Draft and Bottle Beer

beerDraft vs Bottle Beer

Different beer variations are not at all equal. Aside from their varying alcohol content, many beer brands still taste differently from each other especially because of how they are being served. In this sense, there are two types of beers namely: the draft beer and the bottle beer.

Draft beers are the alcoholic beer beverages that come from or are poured down from a tap into a glass. On the contrary, bottle beers are the beers that are contained inside bottles or are drunk from the bottles. This difference in the manner they are consumed gives away many significant changes in the taste and even the lifespan of the beer itself.

In terms of sunlight vulnerability, it is the bottled beer that is most easily affected. Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun can easily penetrate the clear bottle surfaces thus making the beer damaged or as what others regard as ‘lightstrucked.’ In draft beers, this is not much of a worry because the barrels or kegs that store these types of drinks offer some good amount of protection against light.

Cleanliness is also to be considered in beer beverages. In the case of bottle beers, they almost always observe quality and sterility of their carefully sealed beer bottles. However, draft beer lines or pipes may easily become infiltrated by bacteria and molds because of poor maintenance and the care-free cleaning practices by the bar management. This leads to the beer having some faulty flavors and awful odors.

The overall taste and odor (aroma) of the two types of beers also differ. Bottle beers store its entire aroma inside their bottles whereas draft beers are more flavorful because the beverage is poured into the glass making its aroma stand out for a while. Bottle beers can imitate draft beers only after they are poured into a separate drinking glass before consumed. Try to let your bottle beers breathe for a while!

Lastly, in the aspect of portability bottle beers are obviously more portable compared to draft beers. Easy to carry bottles can be handheld by the consumer wherever they go whereas draft beers are simply not intended to be carried from place to place because its really impossible to carry big kegs when you just want to drink a glass or two of beer, not to mention their added trouble of storage.

1.Draft beers are served from taps or barrels (kegs) whereas bottle beers are served from bottles.
2.Bottle beers are easily penetrated by light compared to draft beers.
3.Bottle beers are usually cleaner and more sterile than draft beers.
4.Draft beers are more flavorful and pleasantly aromatic.
5.Bottle beers are more portable compared to draft beers.

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  1. Great post you have here. I didn’t realize that there’s a difference between draft and bottled beer until I read this one.

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