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If you are looking for a perfume that will best fit your personality and how you want people to smell you, you may be confused of the many brands you can choose from in the market. There are varieties of perfumes ranging from Versace, Armani, Banana Republic, Yves Saint Laurent, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, and many more. However, people are confused the most when it comes to Eau de Perfum or EDP and Eau de Toilette. The prices are considerable between these products but the ingredients are different. The truth is these scent only vary from the concentration of the aroma in the finished products of these scents. These two are the most common variety among all the perfumes that is why people get confused on the differences between the two.

The first difference you can find is their names; Eau de Perfum means water of perfume in English while Eau de Toilette means water of toilet. However, these meanings are literal and do not have a great significance on the functions of these perfumes. To know more about these perfumes, we must know the definition and the differences between the two.

First the Eau de Perfum is a combination of ethanol and water. Ethanol is used as perfume oil and EDP has a high concentration of it. EDP has content of 10% to 20% of fragrance oil in it. Among all the varieties of perfume you can choose from, this perfume has the highest content of fragrance oil. This means that this perfume is found in the higher class section of the store, and this is also more expensive than the EDT. Depending on the dryness of your skin, the aroma of this perfume can last from morning until night.

On the other hand the Eau de Toilette only has a medium to low concentration of fragrance oil. This perfume only contains 5% to 15% fragrance oil, a lot less than that of the EDP. This mixture contains more water than ethanol making it less expensive in the market. This also means it doe not last that long in your skin, so you’ll have to apply again in the middle of the day. You will be doing the inconvenience of carrying a bottle in your bag or pockets just to stay fresh and smell good all day.

Eau de Toilette is basically for women while Eau de Parfum is for men. This is because of the weight of the scents form each of the category. However, this is not a proven fact.

These are the main difference of these perfumes. You can notice that the EDP is of a better caliber compared to EDT. But still they both can give you the amazing aroma you want.



EDP has 10% to 20% fragrance oil content compared to EDT with only 5% to 15% fragrance oil.

EDP is much more expensive compared to EDT. Also, EDP is found in the higher class section of the store.

EDP will also last longer in your body from morning till night depending on the dryness of your skin, unlike the EDT which does not last that long, meaning you still have to carry a bottle of perfume wherever you will go to stay fresh and smell good all day.

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