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Difference Between Eggshell and Satin Paint

Eggshell vs Satin Paint

Paint is a liquid mixture that contains a solid pigment in liquid which is used for the decoration and the protection of surfaces. It also provides color and texture to various surfaces and objects, and it has been used by man since 40,000 years ago.

It is composed of different pigments which can be natural or synthetic. These pigments give it color, texture, strength, and stability. It also has binders or a vehicle which binds the different pigments together and makes the paint more adhesive, glossy, durable, flexible, and strong.
Solvents, of which water is the most common, are also used to stabilize the paint and so are other additives that help enhance the quality of the paint.

There are many types of paint, some of which are: primer, emulsion, wood stain, lacquer, enamel, and glaze. Paint looks better when there is a gloss as it reflects light, and it is more damage and stain resistant than flat paint.
Eggshell and satin paints are paints with gloss with eggshell paint having 26% gloss while satin paint has 35% gloss. Eggshell paint is more popular than satin paint because it can be repaired and touched up easily, and no new coating is necessary when it is damaged. This is unlike satin paint which requires a new coating once damaged.

When dry, eggshell paint has less sheen, or it may appear flat while satin paint shines. It is more durable and harder to remove than satin paint, though, because of its shell exterior. Satin paint is easier to clean while eggshell paint can be cleaned only by scrubbing.
In areas where there is more activity, eggshell paint is the best paint to use because it is harder and stronger. In areas wherein dirt and grime are the problem, and for wood or aluminum surfaces, it is better to use satin paint because it is stain resistant.
Both satin paint and eggshell paint come in latex, acrylic, or oil based. Both can be used in exterior or interior portions of the house and are easy to apply. They are best for walls and cabinets. The sheen of satin paint will fade over time and so does the eggshell paint sheen which contains less or no sheen at all.


1.Eggshell paint has 26% gloss while satin paint has 35% gloss.
2.Eggshell paint is more popularly used by paint users than satin paint.
3.Eggshell paint can be easily repaired as compared to satin paint which needs a new coating once it is damaged.
4.Eggshell paint appears flat while satin paint has sheen and appears glossier.
5.One has to scrub off dirt from eggshell paint while satin paint is easier to clean.
6.Satin paint is stain resistant while eggshell paint is not.
7.Eggshell paint is harder and more durable than satin paint.
8.Satin paint is best used in grimy areas while eggshell paint is best used in areas where people pass more often.
9.Satin paint is glossier and shinier than eggshell paint.

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  1. Thank you. Nice summary and very helpful. I learned quite a bit and know that for our purposes in our home if I had to choose between those two it would be satin.

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