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When a fabric has a cut, eyelets and grommets come to the rescue. The main function of these two things is to reinforce the holes in these fabrics. It covers up the area with a hole, and it strengthens that area. It also polishes that area by eliminating fraying and other yarns. This is why eyelets and grommets are common for housewives and tailors alone. Nobody else seems to know what these things are and how they are used in life. They serve the same purpose, but this does not mean that eyelets and grommets are the same thing. People don’t usually know the differences between these two unless they are patching up a fabric with a hole or a cut. It is best to know the differences between these two so that you may be able to know when to use them appropriately.

Some of the main factors that one must consider in using the grommet or the eyelet are the type and thickness of the fabric being used and the dimension of the holes. If it is used for decoration, the visibility of the area must also be considered. By considering these factors, you may be able to determine which one to use in a certain situation.

Eyelets can cover the hole in a fabric by using flange around the hole of the fabric. The physical attributes of the eyelet are that it is a small ring made of brass. The flange that surrounds the hole extends to a barrel. This barrel will then slip into the hole. Then it will grab the material by spreading it or rolling it. With this process it makes the area around the hole stronger. The main fabrics that eyelets can help fix are clothing and handicrafts. Eyelets are smaller compared to its cousin, the grommet. The eyelet also has a more attractive flange which makes it great for decoration.

Grommets, on the other hand, are just like eyelets only larger. Because the grommet is a larger version of the eyelet, its flange also has a larger diameter. Meaning, it can have a stronger grip compared to the eyelet. The grommet is more appropriate to industrial applications. This means it is best for tents, banners, and flags. If the material used is heavier, it is best to use a grommet. A kind of grommet called ‘tympanoplasty’ can also be used in surgery. It can help in cases of otitis media that has effusion.

Eyelets are used for smaller fabrics and decorations while the grommet is best for bigger and heavier materials. However, ultimately, these two are used to reinforce holes in fabrics and other heavier materials.



Grommets are larger than eyelets.

Grommets are used for industrial applications while eyelets are used for smaller fabrics.

Grommets can also be used for medical purposes, the eyelets can’t.

The flange of the grommets is stronger than the eyelets’ making the reinforcement of the fabric stronger.

The flanges of the eyelets can also be used for decorations.

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  1. Grommets are also used on sails and tarpaulins.
    There is eyelet lace where the decorative holes are reinforced only by sewn thread.

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