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Glass vs Pyrex

The difference between Pyrex and glass is that Pyrex is tempered glass and used for cook wares whereas glass is mostly used for architecture and furniture. Glass is made from the same ingredients as Pyrex but the tempering methods gives glass entirely different properties. Pyrex is made by the low coefficient expansion of borosilicate glass whereas glass is blown and pressed to prepare it for the molding process.

When ordinary glass acquires some new characteristics due to some tempering and other processes, it is called Pyrex. The tempering process when applied to the finished glass products called Pyrex makes it four to six times stronger than the regular glass product. The heat resistant quality to bear up to 425 degrees F makes the Pyrex products ideal for the use in the kitchen especially for cooking or baking purposes.

Pyrex glass breaks into a smooth pattern known as dicing and shatters down into small cubical pieces whereas glass can break into hazardous sharp edged long pieces. Pyrex was produced in 1915 by Corning In. followed by World Kitchen LLC which is making glass products by the registered trade name of Pyrex. They produce heat resistant products like baking trays, measuring cups and tea pots etc. Since the ordinary glass does not have much heat resistant qualities, we do not use them directly in contact with too much heated or cold temperatures.

Simple glass products are not suitable for kitchen use because any sudden change in the temperature can cause the glass to break immediately such as pouring of boiling milk directly from the stove to a cold glass or putting the cold glass dish into the hot oven directly etc. Pyrex on the other hand is much more durable and reliable for bearing these and has greater tolerance for the sudden changes in the temperature and/ or environment. However, like all glassware, some security measures should be followed to avoid any mishap or sudden accident. Pyrex should also be used along with some safety measures to save the individual from risking himself to an injury or product damaging. Frozen Pyrex dishes should be thawed before they are used for baking and hot vessels should be allowed to cool down before refrigerating. Pyrex products at room temperature can withstand direct heat well but regular glass products are not suitable to to be put directly on the stove or any other heat sources.

Simple glass made into different shapes, colors and forms is used for decorative purposes only. For example, regular glass products are used for living rooms, furniture and dinner ware or glasses etc. Pyrex and glass are both found in various thicknesses, qualities, price ranges and in a variety of designs, shapes and colors. The surface of the Pyrex and standard quality glass products are also found in scratch proof surfaces. Another major use of the glass is to make mirrors whereas Pyrex is used for making lab equipment.

1. Heat resistant glassware products are called Pyrex.
2. Pyrex is widely used in the laboratory work like test tubes, dishes and beakers as well as kitchen accessories, cooking utensils and baking vessels etc.
3. Simple glass is not as strong as Pyrex because Pyrex is four to six times harder with a granular breaking pattern.
4. Regular glass is not suitable for sudden change in temperature but Pyrex can bear and resist sudden changes of temperature better than glass products.
5. Glass of all types is not recommended to be used on the direct flame or heating sources.

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  1. Is Milk Glass more heat resistant than most non-Pyrex types of glass? I have a friend who has a whole set of Milk Glass dishes which she uses regularly, and she says they don’t break when she puts hot food onto them. But I used to know someone who had a set of glass dishes (neither Pyrex nor Milk Glass), and they broke quickly as she used them for hot food. Thank you!

  2. I am interested in buying an oven baking tray made of pyrex. Could you let me know where they are available thank you. C hammond

  3. Modern American made pyrex no longer uses borosilicate glass. So, do not expect special non-breakability virtues.

  4. PYREX (uppercase) is borosilicate glass whereas Pyrex is tempered soda lime glass in North America. Almost all cookware in North America is the soda lime type. Europe still uses PYREX or borosilicate glass. The PYREX patent was apparently sold but the Pyrex name has become synonymous with heat resistant glass but they are distinctly different glass.

  5. What about vision cookware as resistant to temperature changes?

  6. Please contact me as to USA VS Non USA Pyrex/pyrex recent purchase

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