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Difference Between Green tea and Coffee

coffee-beansCoffee vs Green Tea
When it comes to comparing the two most popular drinks- green tea and coffee, debates are inevitable. Each of them differs by their elements, how they act within a human body, and what are the effects of them on human health. In this article, the difference between the two will be discussed by stating facts.

All over the world coffee has been a popular drink among older and younger generation. Coffee has high stimulating effects and there are also some other important, but less known advantages. Recent studies show that coffee can reduce the risk of developments of diabetes and coffee maintains the correct sugar level of the body.

The risk of having skin cancer can be lowered by drinking coffee regularly. The pre-cancerous cells are killed by coffee elements, but exercise is also necessary to aid the prevention. This pre-cancerous cell’s DNA are damaged or corrupted by ultraviolet beta rays. Doctors often advise people to drink coffee and perform regular exercises to prevent skin cancer.

A research conducted by scientists show that taking 5 cups of coffee a day can actually prevent Alzheimer’s disease and it works a long way through the prevention. Chances of death by liver diseases are reduced by this drink too. It cannot cure liver cancer, but taking it regularly can help to a certain extent- towards preventing liver disease.

Coffee is a good source of antioxidants and helps keep the blood healthy, as well as preventing people from having viral attacks. In the world of physicality, after a heavy workout, drinking coffee can decrease the muscle pain. A lesser known, but useful fact about coffee is that it contains a chemical content that stimulates the creation of adrenaline and cortisone. These are the two hormones that stimulate the body and this is why coffee makes people feel recharged and energetic. Coffee is also said to cause hyperactivity when taken as an espresso. Like all other drinks, coffee is not suggested to be taken excessively.

Green Tea is said to have much more healing power than coffee since it contains many healing characteristics. The most important advantage of green tea is that it prevents cancer. Scientists have conducted numerous tests to find the healing property of this drink and positive results have been the outcome.

A study shows that three quarters of people who were most likely to have Alzheimer’s disease did not develop it in later periods, by just drinking green tea often. Drinking three cups of green tea daily can heal 30 percent of the diabetes symptoms which include less tolerance of insulin; a medical research revealed this truth.

There are many side effects of chemotherapy. According to 85 percent of patients, who had chemo, having one cup of green tea a day treated their nausea and recharged them along with curing some of other side effects. Green tea also helps people in their quest of losing weight. People who are trying to lose excess fat are often prescribed with drinks made of green tea. This drink also helps the conditions of Parkinson’s disease among its sufferers.

By observing the above facts, it is obvious that green tea is much healthier and helpful when compared to coffee. It prevents and cures much more diseases and symptoms than what coffee does. Another highlight is that unlike green tea, coffee can be addictive.

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