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Holga vs Diana

If you come across people mentioning Holga and Diana, chances are that they are talking about two of the most popular plastic made “toy” cameras that utilize 120 film. Although they may mimic each other in terms of looks, both cameras have very distinct differences not only on their build but also on the final image quality that each produces. Nevertheless, you must also give due credit to the skill of the camera user and the environmental conditions when comparing the picture quality between the two.

Foremost, the Diana is regarded as the older Chinese camera which has appeared for commercial use since the 1960s. The Holga came in more recently around 1981. In terms of pricing, the Holga 120 GN, for example, was about $34 some years ago (although price may have already changed today). On the contrary, a Diana was usually priced around $50 at the least while some can cost as much as $100. This may be because of its intricate packaging, lighter and smaller build for the more delicate user. Holga is the sturdy type because of its seemingly stronger construction.

Other technical details of the Holga include a 60mm fixed F/8 plastic meniscus lens and a shutter that comes at 1/100 speed and even a 1/125. Conversely, the Diana’s shutter speed is usually at 1/60. It also has an interchangeable 75mm lens which has varied shooting settings like sunny, cloudy, etc. Holgas also have bigger film advance knobs than the Diana camera. This is quite advantageous for users having weak or small hands as it is more difficult to make an advance when using the Diana knob.
Especially for amateur users, the Diana camera may pose some problem when it comes to loading the film. With the Diana, the back covers do not open fully and have some tiny fixing adjusters below. Thus, the start of the film may not roll properly towards the take-up spool and may eventually slip off. It’s relatively easier to load the film in the Holga as the back covers totally open up. Users may also find the Diana as a more flexible camera as it seems to have more camera settings and accessories.


1.The Diana camera is an earlier camera than the Holga.
2.The Holga is a cheaper camera than the Diana.
3.The Diana camera is lighter and smaller than the Holga.
4.Holgas have bigger advance film knobs for an easier film advance compared to the Diana.
5.It’s easier to load new film for the Holga camera than in the Diana.
6.The Diana camera is said to offer better flexibility to most camera users.

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