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Difference Between Honda Accord and Mitsubishi Galant

galantHonda Accord vs Mitsubishi Galant

The Honda Accord and Mitsubishi Galant are two vehicles that closely resemble each other’s capabilities and are priced closely to each other. The Galant is the more expensive of the two, with prices that could go over a thousand dollars more than that of the Accord. This might seem unlikely as the engine of the Galant is less powerful at 160 horsepower compared to the Accord’s 177 horsepower engine. The Accord is also equipped with a brake assist system while the Galant is not.

The price of the Galant can be attributed to a multitude of extra features that improve the pleasure and comfort of the driver and his passengers. First off, the Galant is equipped with a rearview monitor that lets you have a good view of what is behind you. This is of significant value and is great for novice drivers and even for experienced drivers who are in a tight spot. The Galant is also equipped with a navigation system not found on the Accord. This helps you find certain locations and plots out a route that would take you there efficiently. The Galant is better suited for bad weather as its fog lights can help extend your range of vision and the heated mirrors can provide you with a better view for a bit longer when the weather starts to deteriorate.

Lastly, the Galant is equipped with a lot more entertainment features than what is present on the Accord. It has an in-dash CD changer that can accommodate more discs than the usual CD player that is installed in the Accord. It also features a satellite radio that provides you access to satellite radio services like XM/Sirius and the huge number of stations that they carry, not to mention the programs that you can’t get on standard radio. Lastly, a Bluetooth cellphone link lets you easily use your phone without needing to buy extra accessories.

1. The Galant costs more than the Accord
2. The Galant’s engine is weaker than that of the Accord
3. The Accord has brake assist while the Galant does not
4. The Galant is equipped with a rearview monitor while the Accord isn’t
5. The Galant is equipped with a navigation system not available on the Accord
6. The Galant is equipped with fog lights and heated mirrors while the Accord is not
7. The Galant has a lot more entertainment features compared to the Accord

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