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Mixtapes and albums might be a thing of the past when compared to new music technology; however, once these two media holders were the only way that music could be heard outside of the radio. Both devices were able to hold numerous songs the owner liked and of any genre that was available at the time. They were often found at record stores and music stores across the world ranging in prices below $20. These tapes and albums were played on various devices depending on the availability, and today are both considered collectibles and some have high resale value as well. Both mixtapes and albums have a commonality in that either side can hold different songs whereas this is not true with today’s CDs.

Mixtapes are created when various songs are recorded in any order onto a single audio cassette tape. In the 1980s, mixtapes became a popular way to record songs in homes all across America. Even though they were around previously, there was little quality sound that came from prior tapes in previous generations. These tapes were created around various genres to appeal to as many as possible. Some topics included workout mixes, party mixes, theme and mood mixes. In these mixtapes, various recorded songs which suit a genre are all included on one tape. The songs do not necessarily have to be from the same artists. The idea behind this is that you are able to create an artistic statement from the incorporation of various artists and their various songs. With the technological influence of compact discs, mixtapes were forgotten in the 1990s.

Albums are similarly created around various songs from either one artist or many; however, these songs are recorded differently. In the late 1940s, the first albums were released on 12-inch pieces of vinyl, each side only holding 23 minutes of actual recorded music. As the years passed, so did the technology used to create albums, also known as records. They began holding longer recording times per side. Additionally, technology created record players and phonographs that would change the side of the record for you as opposed to making the listener get up and change it for themselves. Mixtapes arose in the United States, and the use of the album came to an end. They are no longer a source of musical media.
Both albums and mixtapes were replaced in music production, and even tape and record players are no longer available for sale in stores.

1. Mixtapes and albums were used to record various songs and music for mass production. Mixtapes were played on tape players, and albums were played on record players.
2. Albums were first used for music in the late 1940s. Mixtapes were used later in the 1980s. Both sources of musical media were replaced historically and are today replaced with MP3 files and compact discs. (CDs are also becoming slowly outdated as well).
3. The music on a mixtape and album were used to draw the attention of certain audiences and appeal to certain styles.

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