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Difference Between Nikon D40 and Nikon D40X

d40x_nikonNikon D40 vs Nikon D40x

The D40x was released within half a year after the release of its predecessor, the D40. The very minor change in the name denotes that this is not a major model but a minor upgrade to the capabilities of the D40. Because of that, we can conclude that the D40x does not differ by much when compared to the D40. For starters, they share the same form factor and looks absolutely alike just as long as you do not notice the marking on the right side that indicates whether it is a D40 or a D40x.

The biggest upgrade of the D40x over the D40 is the new and better sensor. The D40x is now equipped with a 10 megapixel sensor which almost doubles the 6 megapixel sensor of the D40. Perhaps, Nikon felt that a 6 megapixel sensor was simply inadequate and rushed the production of the D40 with its 10 megapixel sensor.

Aside from the sensor, Nikon also improved on a few aspects of the D40 to make the D40x a little bit more enticing to photographers. One improvement is the speed at which it can shoot continuously. As long as noise reductions is disabled, the D40x can shoot up to 3 frames per second which is half a frame more than the D40. The base sensitivity of the D40x has also been lowered, now at ISO 100 compared to the ISO 200 which is the lowest the D40 can go. Given that you have ample lighting, you can get better pictures with the D40x at ISO 100. Since the base sensitivity has been lowered, Nikon has now added ISO 200 to the auto ISO options, that was not the case with the D40.

As a summary, if you are choosing between the D40 and D40x, the D40x would be the best buy given that you can afford it. The higher resolution alone should make the decision clear for you. But if you already have a D40, there might not be that much of a reason in getting the D40x. It might be better to save up for something better than to have two cameras that are more or less the same.

1.The D40x is a slightly upgraded version of the D40
2.They have the same look and form factor
3.The D40x is equipped with a higher resolution sensor than the D40
4.The D40x shoots continuous shots faster compared to the D40
5.The base sensitivity of the D40x has been lowered
6.The D40x’s auto ISO options now includes ISO 200

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