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Difference Between Nikon D3100 and Nikon D5000

Nikon D3100 vs Nikon D5000

The Nikon D3100 is the updated version to the D3000. Despite that, its advanced features give the more expensive D5000 a run for its money. The main difference between the D3100 and the D5000 is the higher sensor resolution of the D3100; the D5000 has roughly 12 megapixels while the D3100 has a higher 14 megapixel resolution. A higher resolution lets you take bigger photos without losing any detail.

Another advantage of the D3100 is its improved video recording capability. The older D3000 is unable to record video while the D5000 is capable of recording 720p videos. The D3100 wins over the two older models with its ability to record at the full 1080p HD resolution. Coupled with the HDMI connector, you can easily shoot 1080p video and then view it directly on your HDTV.

Even though the D5000 is the older camera, it still has several features that are better or are not available on the D3100. The first of many is the more options you get when it comes to Active D-Lighting. Active D-Lighting pre-corrects the photos you take so that you get the best dynamic range. With the D3100, you can only turn it on or off while the D5000 allows you to select from off, low, normal, high, extra high, or just set it to auto and let the camera choose for you.

Auto bracketing is also one of the features you will find on the D5000 that the D3100 doesn’t have. With auto bracketing, the camera takes several photos at different exposure levels. The photos are then blended together into a single image. Auto bracketing helps a lot when you want to capture a lot of detail when there is too much contrast, like shooting someone in the shadows when the rest of the shot is brightly lit. Without auto bracketing, you either get a photo where the shadows are underexposed or a photo where the bright areas are overexposed.

Lastly, the D5000 has a swiveling LCD screen, which is more common in video cameras than in DSLRs. With it you can shoot even at odd angles and still get a good look at the LCD. In the D3100, shooting at odd angles is often hit or miss as it is often difficult to see the live preview on the LCD.


1.The D3100 has a higher sensor resolution than the D5000
2.The D3100 can record video at 1080p while the D5000 can only record at 720p
3.The D5000 has more D-lighting options than the D3100
4.The D5000 can do bracketing while the D3100 cannot
5.The D5000 has a swiveling LCD while the D3100 LCD is fixed

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