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Robotyrannus vs Roboreptile

Robotyrannus and Roboreptile are toys produced by a toy company called WowWee, Ltd. Both Robotyrannus and Roboreptile are classified as robotic toys that are based on animals. Both toys are capable of movement and employ almost the same design and characteristics, a reason why some consumers often mistake the one from the other.

Despite the name, there are many similarities that Roboreptile and Robotyrannus share with each other. Both robot toys were released in the second half of 2006 and were popular as gifts for children and adults in many occasions.

Both toys feature the same characteristics:

Advanced technology characterized by artificial intelligence.
Independent and biomorphic movement like walking, screaming, and running. The toy is also capable of jumping.
Movable and flexible neck and tail.

Advanced sensor technology which includes infrared, touch and audio sensors situated at different parts of the toy’s body. The sensors allow the toy to detect its environmental surroundings and another presence like pets, humans, and inanimate objects. The infrared sensor allows the toy to avoid obstacles and detects movement from its setting. The touch sensor responds to the human stimuli while the sonic sensors react to the surrounding sounds.

Both have five modes – Autonomous (default), Direct Control, Program, Guard, and Sleep – and three modes (Hungry or the default mode, Satisfied and Hooded).
Each robot is comes with an infrared remote control that acts as the “food” stimulus for the robot.
Roboreptile and Robotyrannus are powered by the same Li-Ion type of battery. The toy shuts down on its own via its sleep mode.
The dimensions are also the same; the height is 10.8 inches (27.4 cm.), the width is 12.1 inches (30.7 cm.), the depth is 33.2 inches (84.3 cm.), and the weight is 3 pounds (1.4 kg.).
Each package contains the toy, a hood accessory, the remote control, and the instruction manual for the model.

However, there are distinct differences between the two robots.

Robotyrannus has the registration number of Item #8063 while the Roboreptile has the identification code of Item #8065.

Robotyrannus has a few superficial differences from Roboreptile. The former has four horns on the head, five spikes down the neck and a dorsal sailfin on the back. The Roboreptile lacks all of these additional designs. Appearance is the main difference and the most noticeable distinction between the two toys.

Also, there has been an issue with the label of Robotyrannus. It has been released and in that name in the United Kingdom and Canada. However, it has been released in the United States as Roboreptile and a RadioShack exclusive.

Robotyrannus, as a variant of Roboreptile, is sometimes not counted or recognized as one of the products of the toy company who made it. It is also classified under the Roboreptile name.

Roboreptile and Robotyrannus are available in different colors and can be bought from toy stores, online stores and auction sites. The toys are graded for children for 6 years and older.


1.Robotyrannus is identified as Item #8063 while the Roboreptile has the identification code of Item #8065.
2.Robotyrannus has distinct physical characteristics from Roboreptile. The Robotyrannus has horns on its head, spikes on the neck, and a dorsal sail fin on the back while the Roboreptile has no additional adornment or embellishment.
3.There are also differences in the marketing name of both toys. Robotyrannus is released under its original name to two countries – United Kingdom and Canada while it was released in the Unites States as Roboreptile. Roboreptile has no conversion of its name when it was released in the market.

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