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detergentsSoaps vs Detergents

Our modern age recognizes the need for proper hygiene for a healthy lifestyle. We use a variety of soaps and detergents to keep our bodies, clothes, dishes, and houses clean. While this obsession with cleanliness hasn’t always been true throughout history, both soaps and detergents have been recorded in use since at least Roman times. They did then and do now serve similar functions, but there are many differences between detergents and soaps.

Soap ‘“ is a substance called a surfactant that is used with water for washing and cleaning a variety of objects.
Detergent ‘“ refers to any substance, soapy or not, that aids in cleaning.

Examples of Soaps and Detergents
Soap ‘“ bar soap, liquid hand soap, some dishwashing liquid, some clothes washing detergent
Detergent ‘“ water, sand, clay, soap, glass cleaner, contact lens solution, ammonia-based cleaners, windshield washer fluid, celery

Soap ‘“ is traditionally made from fat and lye. The fat can come from animals or oilseeds. These two substances are either combined at high temperatures and left to cool or combined at temperatures just about room temperature and left together for two days until they finish their chemical reaction that creates soap. Much hand-made soap today keep in a by-product of this reaction called glycerin that helps to moisturize your skin.
Detergents ‘“ because there are such a wide variety of detergents, it is impossible to describe how each of them is made. Throughout history, man has experimented with all kinds of chemical and natural substances to see which are the best for removing dirt, stains, and odor.

Soap ‘“ is mostly used for cleaning the human body. Bar soap is found in showers and next to sinks. Liquid soap is used in public and private restrooms for cleaning your hands. Soap is great for removing dirt and oils because of its molecular structure. One end of the soap molecule dissolves oil while the other end itself dissolves in water. This means that water can wash away substances normally impermeable to it.
Detergent ‘“ is used for almost any cleaning purpose, especially since soap is technically considered a detergent. It can work to chemically break down stains with the case of many household cleaners, or it can physically break up dirt particles through abrasive scrubbing. The first detergents were probably clean sand and water and were used for washing clothing, utensils, and the body.

1.Soaps and detergents are both used for cleaning.
2.Soap refers to a foaming product made from fat and lye while detergents are literally anything that can make another substance cleaner.
3.Soaps are effective because their molecular composition allows them to break up oils and then have everything washed away with water while detergents use this method, other chemical processes, or physical abrasion to remove odors and stains.

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  1. Nice article!

    All soaps and detergents are not created equal. Soap, as a general rule, is not required to have the ingredients listed. Most responsible companies do list them, but just because it’s called soap on the package, doesn’t mean that’s what you are getting. Most large companies take out the good stuff, such as glycerin, and add all kinds of harsh chemicals. Go handmade if possible!

    Also, I have read article after article, stating that bar soap is not sanitary. I just can’t see the reasoning for those articles. If you properly wash your hands, which is washing for a minimum of 10 seconds, you wash away any bacteria left on the soap. A good rule of thumb is to sing happy birthday to yourself. Out loud or to yourself; that’s your choice. 🙂

    Also, we should stress the importance of soap dishes. They should drain ALL water, which will leave you with a dry bar of soap for the next use.

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