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Difference Between Topaz and Quartz

Topaz vs Quartz

Topaz and quartz are both commonly found minerals on the face of the earth and widely used in all the jewelry, watches or other decorative items and industries. Quartz is often sold as topaz such as Smoky Topaz, Golden Topaz or Madeira Topaz etc. Quartz has many also varieties such as Rose, Rock, Tiger’s eye and Smoky quartz. Two of the other varieties also popular among the customers are Rutilated and Tourmalinated quartz.

Quartz and topaz are both available in abundance and used by various manufacturers and industries. Both of the minerals are found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Topaz and quartz also have differences in the attributes or qualities. Topaz is one of the hardest minerals with hardness 8 and is made from silicate having a good basal cleavage whereas quartz cleavage is weaker with hardness that is 7. The difference between topaz and quartz cleavage is that in the topaz, the cleavage is straight and in one direction whereas in the case of quartz the cleavage is poor. Specific gravity for the topaz is approximately 3.4 – 3.5 whereas quartz has 2.65 or less. Both of the minerals have white streaks.

The crystal system of topaz is orthorhombic whereas the crystal system for quartz is hexagonal. The chemical classification for topaz is silicate ‘“ Nesosilicate whereas the chemical classification of quartz is silicate. The chemical composition for topaz is Al2SiO4 (F, OH) 2 and quartz is Silicon Dioxide, SiO2.

When compared with other minerals, topaz is weathering and stream abrasion resistant. It is a gem stone and a colorless crystal. The rare color range for topaz that occurs naturally is blue and pink. Quartz is used mostly in the optics, watches, lens, glass and many other industries such as sandpaper making, computer components, jewelry cement and mortar etc. Quartz can transmit ultraviolet rays and does not split easily. Quartz is also known for its uses in the manufacture of crucibles and tubes. Quartz is also a popular mineral used in digital watches.

Topaz is a gem stone widely used in making jewelry items worldwide.
Quartz is used by many industries that manufacture glass, sandpaper, computer parts etc.
Topaz is weathering resistant whereas quartz is known for transmitting ultraviolet rays.
Topaz and quartz have different cleavage and gravity with hardness of 8 and 7 respectively.
Both of the minerals are found in abundance at various places on earth and both come in beautiful colors, shapes and forms.

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