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Difference Between Quartz and Automated Movement in Watches

Quartz vs Automated Movement in Watches

Watches have been around for quite a long time and they’ve been through a lot of changes over the centuries. Quartz movement watches, commonly known as quartz watches, and automated movement watches, also commonly known as automatic or self-winding watches, are just two types that appeared. The main difference between them is their nature. Quartz watches are electronic devices that use logic circuits to determine the time. On the other hand, automatic watches are mechanical. Automatic watches are pretty much the same as old watches that needs to be wound just a lot more refined.

In a quartz watch, the quartz constantly oscillates at a certain frequency. This oscillation is then feed to a logic circuit that would count it and translate it seconds, minutes, and hours. In order to power the quartz and the logic circuits, quartz watches use a batter, which needs to be replaced from time to time. In contrast, automatic watches do not use batteries. It uses a ratcheting mechanism that would automatically wind it up when you move. Because automatic watches are dependent on motion, it is important that the watches be worn regularly in order to keep it from stopping.

In terms of size, quartz watches can be made as big or as small as you want. But when it comes to automatic watches, there is a limit to how small you can make them. This is because of the exponentially increasing difficulty with smaller automatic watches due largely to the intricacy of the mechanical parts. The price of automatic watches is also quite higher due to the difficulty in mass producing them.

When it comes to the actual job of a watch, which is telling time, quartz watches are a lot more accurate compared to automatic watches. This, and its very low cost, is the reason behind the rapid proliferation of quartz watches. Despite that, many still seek automatic watches. This is because automatic watches are now treated more like jewelry than timepieces.


1.Quartz movement watches are electronic while automated movement watches are mechanical
2.Quartz movement watches need batteries while automated movement watches do not
3.Automated movement watches need to be constantly worn but not quartz movement watches
4.Quartz movement watches are much smaller than automated movement watches
5.Quartz movement watches are a lot more accurate than automated movement watches

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