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Difference Between Xeon and Core 2 Quad

intel_processorXeon vs Core 2 Quad

Intel is a powerhouse when it comes to the computer industry, and for good reason. Their latest line of microprocessors, pack four cores into a single package, potentially giving out four times the processing power. These processors belong to the Core 2 Quad family. Xeon is the name of the line of processors that were created by Intel for use with servers that undergo heavy usage from users. Xeon processors have been existent for a very long time and has followed the progression of the desktop versions of their processors.

Since they are specifically made for servers, they are also optimized to serve this purpose better. Unlike desktop computers which face a wide variety of tasks, servers usually perform a narrower set of operations but with a great number of repetitions and concurrent operations as more users access the server. Because of this, Xeon processors are equipped with multiprocessing capabilities. They are also equipped with more cache memory compared to desktop variants. The cache memory is where commonly accessed bits of data are stored so that it can be quickly retrieved. More cache memory means that there is a higher probability that the needed information is already stored there.

Because the demand for Xeon processors is not that great, they are made along with the latest versions of Intel’s desktop version and they are almost identical in a lot of aspects. But because they are meant for different platforms, they are not compatible with each other. Core 2 Quad processors and Xeon processors do not share the same slot type. This means that if you want to build a computer around the Xeon processor, you would need to purchase components that are also meant for servers. This would lead to very a very steep price that is unreasonable for simple desktop use. You also can’t use Core 2 Quad processors as replacements in case your Xeon processor gets damaged.

1. The Core 2 Quad is the latest series of Intel processors that has 4 cores inside a single package while the Xeon is the line of modified processors for servers
2. The latest quad core Xeons are basically from the same batch as the Core 2 Quads
3. Xeon processors tend to have more cache memory than Core 2 Quad processors
4. Xeon processors are not compatible with desktop motherboards and Core 2 Quad processors are not compatible with server motherboards

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