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  1. James Cliver
    December 11, 2018

    The jersey knit (and the pique knit for that matter) is not restricted to any particular fiber or blend of fibers. They are simply methods of construction. Historically, they may have started with certain fibers (wool and cotton), but it is wrong to suggest that you will only find jersey knits with these blends. Some of the most popular knit fabrics in the performance sports market are made from microdenier polyester blends, for instance. Furthermore, a pique knitting pattern is used in many apparel items, not just white ties. Color has no bearing on the selection of the knit pattern. Also, the author refers to weaving and knitting interchangeably, which is totally confusing to anyone who understands fabric formation. Knitting and weaving are distinct and separate techniques for combining yarns into fabrics. I feel that this article is a feeble attempt to address the subject, and worse, one that serves to mislead anyone who reads it.


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