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Differences Between Uggs and Bearpaw

Uggs vs Bearpaw

When you talk about boots, you would probably hear a lot of opinions and comments about the brand of boots that each person would prefer using … and wearing. Some people are more brand conscious, more so than others, so when they wear something, they feel better and feel more confident because of this. In this article, though, we will be talking about two of the more common brands of the footwear boots.

During the winter season, boots are the ‘in’ footwear. You don’t only see them worn when going outdoors, but even indoors when the weather is simply too cold and not even those home thick-socks that are being sold would do the trick. Two of the most common brands that are being patronized by consumers are Uggs and Bearpaw. Then again, because many would definitely want to know how is one different from the other to help in choosing the right brand and the right boots to purchase.

Uggs is a known brand that promises sheepskin and fleece in and on their footwear. It is something that consumers expect from an Uggs. This is why the price is so much higher than the Bearpaw. What’s more, with Uggs, you expect softness and luxury as you wear each pair. Its inner is lined with fleece, making it especially comfortable and snug. The fleece lining lessen the moisture during the winter months ensuring body heat is maintained for the person wearing Uggs footwear. Uggs use many types of material that vary from sheepskin, leather, and even kangaroo fur.

Let’s talk about Bearpaw. This brand is the practical brand, as some people would describe it. Just as popular as Uggs, Bearpaw is another manufacturer of boots made of sheepskin. They are actually quite popular because their prices are friendly to the pockets of consumers. Unfortunately, while there has been plenty of advertising for this brand of its materials and happy consumers, there are also negative criticisms about how authentic Bearpaw manufacturers say their materials and footwear really are.

So let’s try to come up with the main question of this article … that is, to differentiate Uggs from Bearpaw.
Price. This is the biggest and main difference between an Uggs and a Bearpaw. Uggs are definitely higher priced compared to Bearpaw footwear.
Comfort. People who have bought Bearpaw and then tried Uggs swear by Uggs. The snuggly feeling, the fit, and the feel … you will definitely know that you’re wearing a pair of Uggs.
Durability. Many Bearpaw consumers, while quite happy with the price, know that they do not last long. After all, when you compare the quality of a more expensively-priced footwear versus one that costs half of its price, you would definitely know that it wouldn’t last as long.

Those are the top three differences between a pair of Uggs to a pair of Bearpaw footwear. This doesn’t mean though that there are no similarities. In fact, if you look at two people wearing a pair of boots, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. You wouldn’t be able to tell which one is wearing a pair of Uggs and who is wearing a pair of Bearpaws.

In talking about differences between both brands, many would certainly vouch for a pair of Uggs. After all, with its price difference compared to a pair of Bearpaws, one would definitely say it is much more comfortable and so much more durable as well. Then again, for the practical buyers, as long as the objectives are met, why pay for a higher price?

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  1. I own both bearpaw and uggs and my uggs only used 1 New England winter r killed wear as my bearpaws have been worn 3 New England winters and worn 100 times more put in a washing machine at least 5 times r still perfect and my favorite they r warm and toasty and do not give you that weird foot shifty look

  2. Absolute rubbish…. BearPaws are not only cheaper than UGGS (I’m from Australia) they are hands down better, in the last 5 years l have owned two pairs… thats right two pairs of BPs . Uggs aren’t worth anything anymore… Not like the old days!

  3. I just bought a pair of Bearpaws because they were sooooo comfy on my feet and that same day I went and also tried on a pair of uggs that were super cute but not as cozy as the Bearpaws and they were like $60 more so I said nope to the uggs and bought a dressy $70 Madden girl bootie instead lol

  4. This author of this comparison is obviously biased. I have owned uggs and because of my dissatisfaction I’m thinking of going to Bearpaws. Uggs are seriously overpriced for no good reason. I have tried on a pair of Bearpaws and they fit very similar to uggs.

  5. Uggs are not the same anymore. The last pair I saw was microfiber *faux suede* and I decided to keep my money. I found them at Dillard’s. Instead, I bought Bear Paws. I have had 2 pair of Uggs, they barely survived Indiana and Chicago winters. My Bear Paws are holding up just fine.

  6. Price doesn’t equate quality.

  7. I love bearpaws. No one has mentioned the most noticeable difference…Bearpaws has much grippier soles for ice and snow plus they seem to be pretty snow proof.

  8. This is my first pair of bearpaws boots I absolutely love them they are so soft and comfortable I will not buy anything else.

  9. I own both Bear Paws and Uggs…and IMO, the Uggs are superior. I used to think the opposite, but in recent years it seems that BP quality has gone down…and they were never as soft as Uggs anyway…so from now on, I’ll stick with my Uggs even though they are pricier. Oh, and I find both about equal when it comes to snow — as long as you water/weatherproof them, you can be out in the snow as much as you want with no issues whatsoever. I even wear mine in wet snow that is slushy and kinda rainy.

  10. Let’s face it…nobody is going to keep the same boots for 5-10years…even UGGs whether they are worn out or not.
    So who care if BearPaws dont last as long?! Both brands look like hell after a one winter of constant use. Suede does not look pretty once it’s been thru snow and salt from roads. . So if you purchase new boots every 1-2 years, BearPaws price make it affordable to do so.
    In my opinion suede snow boots all look saggy & worn. They quickly stain and fade from salt on the streets, even if they are only used for walking on sidewalks. Leather that has been treated and waterproofed keeps its shape and color..much better choice. The only winter boot that justifies a $200 price tag in my “average person” budget. BUT…to each his own! Gotta love America for all our choices!!!!❤

    But, each his own!! That’s why there’s so many brands I guess. We all have our own opinions.

  11. I have bought bear paws for three years for me and my daughter’s. I love them but the last pair I bought the seam ripped. Very disappointed the warranty department is terrible they will not replace or repair .dont waste ur money

  12. I own UGGs and bearpaws. I live in Pennsylvania my UGGs got ruined after one winter. I definitely prefer bearpaws I have 7 pairs of bearpaws. I think bearpaws are more comfortable more durable. I personally will never buy another pair of UGGs again.

  13. I love bear paw there more stylist they have more varieties they’re cheaper and the worth it they last longer uggs are not worth it they don’t have very many styles are not as comfortable and they don’t last long buy bear paws worth $90 and they were marked down 40% off can’t bet that.. and a lot of famous people wear bear paws

  14. I have gotten two pairs of bearpaws for a gift last year. Loved them so much because of the comfort and warmth I bought myself two more pairs this year and the grips on the boots are great.

  15. I had one pair of Uggs and one pair of Bearpaw boots. My Uggs did not last; my toe actually poked through the suede leaving a hole. No such problem with happened with the Bearpaw boots which were worn about the same amount of time. I did not notice any less comfort with the Bearpaws brand. To me, it makes sense to wear Bearpaws and not get hung up on the Ugg brand.

  16. I have a pair of Bear Paws I’ve had for years. They still are fine. Bear Paws last forever. They are wrong on their opinion in differences. I think I’ve had them for at least 10 years. I now own 4 pairs. I love them.

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