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Difference Between Apple iPad and Sony Dash

Apple iPad vs Sony Dash

At first glance, it may seem like the Dash is Sony’s product that will take on the iPad. It looks very much like a small version of the iPad but with speaker placed up front. The screen of the Dash is also significantly smaller than the iPad’s 9.7 inches, measuring at a mere 7 inches diagonal. Aside from the size, the Dash also sports a lower 800×480 resolution compared to the 1024×768 resolution of the iPad. Besides, that, they are basically the same, capacitive LCD displays.

What you would probably find most surprising about the Dash is the lack of battery, which means that you are constantly tethered to a wall outlet if you want to use the Dash. A device this small is often expected to have its own battery and the Dash is hampered by the lack thereof. It is rumored though that the next version of the Dash would have a battery pack. The iPad comes with a battery with substantial capacity that could power the device for 10 hours.

When it comes to processing power, the Dash is also at a huge disadvantage. The iPad has a 1Ghz A4 processor while Dash only has a 500Mhz processor. The lack of power is apparent with some user’s report of a sluggish interface. The iPad’s interface is very fast and is fast and sluggishness is not a common complaint.

Although there are over a thousand apps that you can get for the Dash, it pales in comparison to the iPad apps that number in the hundreds of thousands. This is due in part to Apple’s continual usage improvement on the iPhone OS, which is now known as the iOS. Apps that were previously for the iPhone are usable with the iPad since they have the same OS. There is also the fact that the Dash doesn’t have a web browser like Safari for the iPad. The only means that you can access the Internet with the Dash is through the multitude of applications.

Probably the only thing that the Dash has and the iPhone doesn’t is the USB port. The USB port can be used to transfer data and hopefully in the future, to play music, watch videos, and show photos.


1. The Dash is smaller than the iPad

2. The screen of the Dash is much smaller compared to the iPad

3. The Dash is not battery operated while the iPad is

4. The Dash has a weaker processor compared to the iPad

5. The Dash has much fewer apps compared to the iPad

6. The Dash lacks a web browser like Safari on the iPad

7. The Dash has a USB port while the iPad does not

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