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Difference Between DVR and TiVO


Although DVRs were already around at the time, the introduction of TiVO brought this technology to the limelight. It improved the TV viewing experience by recording shows to be viewed at the user’s pleasure. Today, most cable companies provide DVRs for free or with a small monthly fee on top of the subscription. This is a steal compared to TiVO which costs $150 and over, depending on the model you buy.

For this additional cost, there are many features that you’d gain from the TiVO. The first is multiple tuners. TiVO has at least two tuners, which should allow you to watch one show while recording another. You can also record two shows at once if you prefer. Most DVRs only have a single tuner, so you can only watch one show at a time. TiVO would also silently record what you are currently watching for up to 30 minutes. This gives you the freedom to pause, rewind, or fast forward your TV just like watching a DVD. The last of the three is fairly important as it opens up another feature; the ability to fast forward through advertisements or even skips it altogether. Most DVRs do not have these features, so you would be basically stuck with simply recording shows for later.

Another key feature of TiVO is its excellent searching and recording capabilities. You can search for shows by title, cast members, and many more. You can then schedule those shows to be recorded. You can also set to record a single show or the entire season; further simplifying the task and making sure that you would not miss any episode. In the event that the shows you wish to record happen simultaneously, TiVO can decide which one to record by the priorities you’ve set or prompt you about the conflict. Again, most DVRs lack this level of flexibility.

Internet connectivity is a feature that expands the usability of TiVO even further. Rather than using the TiVO to watch TV shows, you can use it to search for videos online and watch it; predominantly YouTube for most people. TiVO also has tie-ins with Amazon VOD, Netflix, and Jaman for an even wider array of choices.

Lastly, TiVO allows the user to move recorded shows to a computer, which can then be copied to other devices like iPods, tablets, and other media devices. DVRs do not have provisions for this so you have no choice but to watch the show on the TV.


1. TiVO is pricey while most DVRs are cheap if not free
2. TiVO has multiple tuners while most DVRs don’t
3. TiVO can pause live TV while other DVRs can’t
4. TiVO can skip commercials while other DVRs can’t
5. TiVO has better search and recording capabilities than most DVRs
6. TiVO has internet connectivity while other DVRs don’t
7. TiVO can offload videos while other DVRs can’t

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