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Difference Between HTC HD2 and HTC HD7


Although it might seem like the HD2 and HD7 are two models that are very far apart, you’d be surprised to know that the HD7 is the next model to the HD2. There is a not-so-subtle reason for naming it the HD7 instead of HD3. The main difference between the two, and the reason for the name, is the operating system used. The HD7 is one of the HTC phones to feature the very new Windows Phone 7 operating system from Microsoft. It replaced Windows Mobile 6.5 which is what is found on the HD2.

Aside from a totally new operating system, you’d be hard pressed to find anything radically new on the HD7. It is pretty fair to say that the HD7 is just the HD2 with a new operating system and minor changes to have a little bit of differentiation.

A feature introduced by the Windows Phone 7 is HD recording at 720p; a significant improvement considering that the HD2 can only record at VGA resolution. This capability is not due to the hardware as the HD2 and HD7 have the same camera, processor, chipset, and almost the same amount of memory.

HTC decided to go with 8GB of internal memory rather than a microSD card slot with the HD7 in a move that makes the HD7 more similar to the iPhone than other HTC phones. Although the HD2 doesn’t have ample internal memory, its microSD card slot can accommodate memory cards of up to 32GB; giving the user a lot of flexibility with how much memory he really wants in his phone. The ability to swap or upgrade memory cards is also a good thing to have as you can easily underestimate just how much memory you would need especially in media heavy phones like the HD2 and HD7.

To make the HD7 a little bit easier to distinguish from the HD2, HTC added a kickstand. Although it looks pretty good, it is also functional, and you can place the HD7 on the table to watch a movie or video. The kickstand is made out of metal so it is pretty sturdy, and you would not have to worry about accidentally breaking it off.


1.The HD7 runs Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 while the HD2 has the antiquated Windows Mobile 6.5.
2.The HD7 is capable of shooting 720p video while the HD2 isn’t.
3.The HD7 has more memory than the HD2 but doesn’t have a card slot.
4.The HD7 has a kickstand while the HD2 doesn’t.

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