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Difference Between iPad and PSP Go

iPad vs PSP Go

If you are deciding on whether to get an iPad or a PSP Go, you should ask yourself on what do you really want from the device. The iPad is labeled as a multimedia device as it is a jack of all trades of sorts. It can do just about anything you want fairly well. On the other hand, the PSP GO is a gaming device, its main focus is gaming but it also has other features like the ability to play video and music. The iPad has a lot games as well but it’s not as good as the PSP Go games are.

One of the main draw of the iPad is its capacitive touch screen interface that eliminates the need for a keyboard and most other buttons. The iPad only has a single home button, just like the iPhone. This is not really acceptable when it comes to gaming devices as it is quite possible to press too hard in the heat of the moment and damage the screen. The PSPS Go, just like most gaming devices, has dedicated buttons that are rugged in order to withstand thousands of hours of gaming. It also provides tactile feedback so that gamers can easily tell if the button is actually pressed or not.

Another key difference between the two is their size. The iPad is much bigger than the PSP Go since it is rather difficult to browse the internet on such a small screen as that on the PSP Go. Although it has its disadvantages, being small also has its benefits. It is more portable and although it is more bulky than most phones, it can still fit in the pocket. This allows the PSP Go to function as a music player even when you are on the move.

Lastly, both devices are equipped with WiFi for online connections but only the iPad has a version that is equipped with a cellular modem. By using the cellular network, the iPad can still access the internet even without a WiFi hotspot in range.

1. The iPad is a multimedia device while the PSP Go is a gaming device
2. The iPad has a touch screen display while the PSP Go does not
3. The iPad does not have a lot of buttons while the PSP Go does
4. The iPad is quite big while the PSP is very small
5. The iPad has a 3G version while the PSP does not

Apple iPad (first generation) MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)

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