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Difference Between Apple iPad and Pandigital Novel

Apple iPad vs Pandigital Novel

The Pandigital Novel is supposedly an e-book reader, but it does not share the usual components of an e-book reader. Instead of going with an e-ink display for lesser eye strain, Pandigital opted to go with an LCD screen. Because of this, the Pandigital Novel has more in common with the Apple iPad than most e-books. In contrast, the iPad is branded as a multimedia device with the ability to read e-books being one of its features. The Pandigital Novel can also be used to play games, watch videos, listen to music, and even for online browsing.

The most obvious difference between the two is the size. The iPad is much bigger than the Pandigital Novel. Even the screen of the iPad is bigger by almost 3 inches. Aside from being bigger, the digitizers, or the component that makes the screen touch sensitive, are different. That of the Pandigital Novel is resistive while that of the iPad is capacitive. This means that you do not get multi-touch capabilities on the Novel but you do on the iPad.

One of the biggest draws of the iPad is its ability to run a multitude of apps, ranging from useful to just silly. Apps can be bought from the Apple app store, which you can connect to, as long as you have internet access. Although the Pandigital Novel runs the Android OS, it does not have the capability to access the Android marketplace or any method of installing other apps. You are basically limited to what you already have on your handset. Pandigital is expected to release an update that offers this capability.

If you are constantly moving or Wi-Fi hotspots are rare where you live, you can opt to get the iPad model that has a 3G modem in it. It allows you to use the mobile network in order to connect to the internet. The Pandigital Novel doesn’t have a version that has a 3G modem. While the iPad comes in models that have 16GB or 32GB storage capacities, the Pandigital Novel only has 1GB of memory. It only relies on a memory card slot for storage, which means that purchasing a memory card is necessary if you want to go above 1GB. The iPad has no memory card slot so no expansion is possible.


1. The iPad is classified as a multimedia device while the Pandigital Novel is primarily an e-book reader with extended features

2. The iPad is bigger compared to the Pandigital Novel

3. The screen of the iPad is capacitive while that of the Pandigital Novel is resistive

4. The iPad has hundreds of thousands of apps while the Pandigital Novel has none

5. The iPad has a cellular model while the Pandigital Novel does not

6. The iPad has more internal memory than the Pandigital Novel but has no memory card slot

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