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Difference Between iPod Nano 4th and 5th Generation

iPod Nano 4th vs 5th Generation

The 5th generation of the iPod Nano retains all of the features that its predecessor has and adds many new ones to the mix. Let’s start with what’s changed as the new features are quite plentiful. An easy way to tell if the Nano is a 5th gen is if it has a longer screen. The 5th gen has a 2.2 inch screen compared to the 4th gen’s 2 inch screen and retains the same pixel density by upping the resolution up by a bit.

The biggest, and probably most surprising, addition to the 5th gen Nano is the rear facing camera. This camera can be used to take videos only. Surprisingly, Apple left out the ability to take still pics, which the hardware can surely handle. Another curious thing is the placement of the camera in the lower left corner of the Nano. When holding the Nano with one hand, you would be covering the camera.

Another new feature of the 5th gen is the FM radio, which many users have been wishing for. Its implementation in the Nano though, is quite excellent. Aside from the common features, the Nano radio supports RDS; providing artist name and song title if the station broadcasts it. The Nano radio can also tag certain songs that you like so that you can search for it in the iTunes store. Lastly, the Nano can use time shifting. You can pause or resume playback of the radio, as if you are playing the music on your iPod.

The 4th generation Nano lacks built-in speakers and mic; forcing the user to have a set of earphones. The 5th gen has both built-in, so you can listen to your music or record your own voice even when you forget your earphones. Lastly, the 5th generation Nano includes a pedometer; reinforcing further its appeal to those who want to get fit. A pedometer basically counts how many steps you’ve taken, making it an ideal jogging companion.


1. The 5th gen has a bigger screen than the 4th gen
2. The 5th gen has a camera while the 4th gen doesn’t
3. The 5th gen has a FM radio while the 4th gen doesn’t
4. The 5th gen has built-in mic and speakers while the 4th gen doesn’t
5. The 5th gen has a pedometer while the 4th gen doesn’t

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