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Difference Between iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano

iPod Shuffle vs iPod Nano

In the wide selection of Apple iPod versions, the Nano and the Shuffle are the smallest. Even though they are both small, there are major differences between the two. The biggest difference is the screen as the Nano has a screen and the Shuffle doesn’t. This has a lot of implications, especially in terms of control as the Nano screen is touch-sensitive and very few physical buttons are necessary. In comparison, without its screen, relies on the traditional click-wheel used on older iPods. The Shuffle is simply better at no-look operation as you can easily feel the buttons.

As Apple does not allow expandable memory, you are basically stuck with what your unit ships with. In this regard, the Nano wins by leagues as it comes in 8GB and 16GB models while the Shuffle only has 2GB of memory. The Nano also has other features that you would not find in the Shuffle. This includes the FM radio, which you can use to tune to local radio stations, and a pedometer, which counts the number of steps you’ve taken.

If there is one advantage to the Shuffle, it is size. At about half the weight of the Nano and just over half the weight, the Shuffle is significantly smaller. It is a music player that is barely there. The downside of this downsizing is the lower capacity battery. Even though the Nano has a relatively power hungry screen, it still manages to last for 24 hours on a single charge. That is 9 hours more than the 15 hour battery life of the Shuffle.

Even though the two are very portable, the differences between them are quite clear. The Nano is the best if you want the bells and whistles in a smaller format. But if you need a device that is easy to manipulate and doesn’t interfere with your activities, like jogging or working out, the Shuffle fits the bill nicely. Storage and battery capacity won’t be a major problem since you won’t be away for extended periods of time.


1.The Nano has a screen while the Shuffle doesn’t
2.The Nano relies on a touchscreen while the Shuffle uses the click-wheel
3.The Nano is equipped with more memory than the Shuffle
4.The Nano has additional features not found on the Shuffle
5.The Shuffle is much smaller and lighter than the Nano
6.The Shuffle has a built-in clip while the Nano doesn’t
7.The Nano has a much longer battery life than the Shuffle

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