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Difference Between KRZR and RAZR

motorola-razr-pdKRZR vs. RAZR

The Motorola RAZR was a game changer when it was released. It sported a very stylish and elegant look on the thinnest form factor at that time. The KRZR simply followed the example of the RAZR in a slightly modified form factor, that may be a bit more appealing to some people. The RAZR is a bit wide, and looks square when it is closed. The width can be a bit problematic for those who have petite hands, and who find it difficult to reach the keys on the far side when operating the phone with one hand.

The KRZR is narrower compared to the RAZR, but in order for it to fit all the circuitry into the narrow frame, the KRZR is a little bit longer and thicker than the RAZR. This makes it resemble the more common clamshell phones on the market. Despite that, it still carries a lot of the features and looks of the RAZR, including the metallic keypad, the excellent camera, and the nice screen. As a side-effect of the modification of the width of the KRZR, its screen is also noticeably smaller than that of the RAZR. The bigger screen is much better when viewing videos on your phone.

Another design change is the relocation of the volume keys from the upper half where the screen is located, to the lower half beside the keypad. This doesn’t make much of a difference when the clamshell is closed, as the buttons are moved back just by a bit. However, when the clamshell is open, the volume keys on the KRZR are more easily accessible that those of the RAZR.

At the end of the day, the choice between the RAZR and the KRZR lies with which size the user is more comfortable. They both work equally well as mobile phones, and even as music players, with a microSD card for music storage. People who are comfortable with the bigger RAZR will find the larger screen to be a huge plus. For people who do not like the RAZR, the KRZR is a very good alternative that retains the looks and functionality of the RAZR.


1. The KRZR is based on the RAZR.

2. The KRZR is narrower, but thicker and longer than the RAZR.

3. The KRZR screen is much smaller compared to that of the RAZR.

4. The volume keys of the KRZR are located on the lower half, while those of the RAZR are on the upper half.

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