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Difference Between LG Rumour and Rumour 2

lg-rumourLG Rumour vs Rumour 2

The LG Rumour is a messaging phone from LG that employs a QWERTY keyboard, commonly found in smart phones, to make messaging a lot easier and faster. The Rumour 2 is the successor to the original, and adds some functionalities to the device. Though some people felt that LG made a mistake in not adding 3G support to the newer mobile phone. The most significant improvement in the Rumour 2 is the added support for corporate emails. You are now able to download emails from your company’s servers. Although this is relatively low as it lacks the high data speeds that you can only get from 3G.

The changes to the Rumour 2 hardware were quite small but a lot of users felt that it is worth mentioning. The screen of the Rumour 2 has a higher resolution at 320×240 compared to the 220×176 screen of the original Rumour. The keys of the Rumour 2 has also been redesigned. Most people feel that the square directional keypad is a step back compared to the circular one on the Rumour. But the changes in the QWERTY keyboard was very much appreciated because it adds a lot of additional buttons that makes it more convenient to type messages. Instead of only three lines of keys and ample spaces in between, the Rumour 2 has 4 lines of keys and adds dedicated number keys and arrow keys. The Rumour 2 achieves this by eliminating the wasted space in between keys.

Something that also baffles a lot of people is the lack of video shooting capabilities in the Rumour 2. Both phones share the same camera sensor and shoots identical still images. But the Rumour can shoot videos, though of bad quality, while the Rumour 2 cannot.

The tweaks in the keyboard and the added corporate email support makes the Rumour 2 an improved version of the original. But the question is whether LG implemented enough upgrades on the Rumour 2 to separate it from its predecessor. The lack of 3G support makes a lot of people say no.

1. The Rumour 2 is equipped with corporate email capabilities which is absent on the Rumour
2. The Rumour 2 has a higher resolution screen compared to the Rumour
3. The QWERTY keyboard of the Rumour only has three lines of keys while the Rumour 2 has 4
4. The Rumour 2 does not shoot video while the Rumour can

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