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Difference Between Maestro and RoadMate

Maestro vs RoadMate

When talking about car GPS devices, one of the most popular trusted names is Magellan Navigation, Inc. Two of its well-known global positioning system devices are the Magellan Maestro and the Magellan RoadMate. However, many are asking as to which product is better. However, the choice will probably be made only after considering several features of each.

Although many features change from one model to another, the two still retain some of its primary functionalities. In the most basic sense, Maestro is said to be suited for off-road settings while RoadMate is for navigating roads.

Magellan Maestro is like the multipurpose GPS device built for almost all types of terrain navigations. RoadMate is different because it is primarily built for the roads, perhaps the reason why it has been named as such. In this regard, Maestro can generate 3D maps and offer pedestrian modes as opposed to the other. In the pedestrian mode, Maestro can aid in navigating most walking-type routes (hills, mountains, and other trails). This device also provides more details graphics-wise. However, we cannot leave out the turn-by-turn system integrated with the RoadMate GPS. With just a glance, drivers can benefit from the RoadMate without having a full knowledge of the driving routes.

In terms of screen display, the two GPS units are equipped with LCD screens that offer crisp and clear images. Oftentimes, the RoadMate GPS tends to be the winner in the contest of screen size. RoadMate 5045, for example, has a 5-inch diagonal screen measure while a Maestro 4350 only has 4.3. This is probably because navigating across off-road terrains typically does not require an overly large screen that will be heavy when brought along walking trails. The larger screens on the RoadMate make it more visible for drivers to see the routes even with just a glimpse. Most RoadMates are mounted on the vehicles nevertheless.

Designed for use off-road, the Maestro GPS unit is expected to perform better than the other in terms of battery duration. By contrast, the batteries of RoadMate GPS last shorter time because the unit itself is normally connected to the car’s power supply anyway. For the above example, the RoadMate 5045 will only be using power for a meager 2 hours per charging whereas the Maestro 4350 can reach 3 hours or even a little more.

Interesting enough, the Maestro also boasts of more features like FM radio and MP3 player integration while being absent in most RoadMate units.


1.Maestro is meant for off the road while RoadMate is for road navigation.
2.RoadMate is equipped with a turn-by-turn system navigation.
3.Maestro has a smaller diagonal screen size than RoadMate.
4.Maestro has more battery life than RoadMate.
5.Maestro also has more added features like a radio and MP3 player.

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