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Difference Between Nokia 5530 and 5800

nokia-5800Nokia 5530 vs 5800

Nokia has a line of mobile phones that are targeted towards music lovers, this line is called XpressMusic. The 5800 is a feature packed mobile phone that was released in 2008 and the 5530 is a scaled down version that was released almost a year later to compete at a lower price point. The biggest difference between these two is in 3G support. The 5800 is a 3G mobile phone while the 5530 is only capable of working with 2G networks. This means that there are a lot of things that the 5530 cannot do even if they are very similar to each other. Downloading music files directly to your mobile phone is a chore with the 5530 as its data speed is very low.

With the hardware, there are also some features on the 5800 that are scaled down or absent on the 5530. For starters, the screen on the 5530 is smaller by almost a third of an inch but still retains the same resolution. It also lacks the GPS receiver that is embedded in the 5800. The GPS receiver, when coupled with a navigation software, allowed owners of the 5800 to use it as a hand-held or vehicular navigation device. Although they both accept the same kind and maximum capacity memory cards, the card that came packaged with the 5530 is only 4GB while the 5800 came packaged with a card that’s twice the capacity at 8GB. A higher capacity battery is used by the 5800, allowing longer usage time compared to the 5530 even when using 3G services that eat up more power compared to 2G.

Choosing between these two should be all about your budget. Even though the 5800 is older compared to the 5530, it has more features and is more capable of serving both as a mobile phone and an entertainment device. The only drawback of the 5800 is its higher price, but it is understandable given its feature list.

1.The Nokia 5530 was released almost a year than the 5800
2.The 5530 is a 2G phone while the 5800 is 3G
3.The 5530 has a smaller screen than the 5800
4.The 5800 has an 8GB card included while the 5530 only has a 4GB card
5.The 5800 has GPS while the 5530 does not
6.The 5800 has a bigger battery capacity compared to the 5530

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