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Difference Between Samsung S5233 and Nokia 5530

nokiaSamsung S5233 vs Nokia 5530

With the changes in communication technology quite evident, communication equipment manufacturers are burning the midnight oil in a bid to out do each other in the production of new pieces. The new designs are improving in beauty and functionality every other day. The key players in this area, Nokia and Samsung are always neck to neck in competition as they both aim to remain at the top of the list in so far as the design of mobile communication equipment is concerned. Their two new models, the Nokia 5530 and Samsung S5233 are true testimonies to their competition.

Other than the physical appearance, the two communication equipments are quite similar in so many ways no wonder even the price range of the two sets is almost similar at $190 and $218 for Nokia and Samsung respectively. Both phones have key features such as GPRS and Bluetooth although Nokia comes in a smart phone style and touch screen while Samsung has a candy bar style and also the touch screen to match the nokia.

Both phones have taken storage capacity into consideration by adding built in memory, as well as, expansion slots to fit the micro SD memory cards. Photography being an obvious feature in almost all modern phone models, the two phones have both built-in video capture capabilities and digital cameras. The web browser is another common feature in both handsets in addition to vibrator alerts and the common integrated speaker phones.

Coming to the menu of the two phones, each of them is significantly loaded with an array of features ranging from an alarm clock to organizational calendars, Java applications and an FM stereo radio. The polyphonic ring tones are additional prominent features in both models. Mobile phones have become a common computer peripheral and therefore each new model of mobile phone has to consider the aspect of connectivity to the computer. In this area, both phones have the Bluetooth to link wirelessly with your computer.

As a brief overview of the two phones, it would be reasonable to state that the two phones are quite similar in features save for the fact that they are products of two different companies.

In review:
1. The two phones both have an inbuilt memory however, the Samsung S5233 has greater storage space at 100 MB as compared to the Nokia 5530’s 30 MB
2. The Samsung S5233 also has slightly more to offer in terms of standby time. The Samsung model can reach up to 700 hours of standby time as compared to the nokia 5530’s 648 hours.
3. Nokia, on the other hand, has more options to offer in terms of connectivity as it combines Bluetooth, USB, WLAN, and WiFi as compared to Samsung which only has two connectivity options in the form of Bluetooth and USB.

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