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Difference Between Canon FS20 and FS200

canon_fs200_amCanon FS20 VS FS200

With significant changes in video and photography, Canon has taken the initiative to inspire and enhance new innovations in this field. With time, the video recording scenario is changing as it is evident in the improvements witnessed in the new designs of camcorders such as the canon fs20 and the fs200. The fact that cannon is striving to keep pace with its competitors is quite glaring as evidenced by the improvements introduced in the fs20 as compared to its other family member, the fs200.

At a quick glance, the two camcorders would pass for similar models despite the difference in their flap screens as the fs20 seems to have a better screen resolution as compared to the fs200. However, the two greatly differ in terms of functionality and features. For starters, the fs200 does not have an internal memory as compared to most of the new models from the Canon family or even outside. As other models feature new improved storage devices, the fs200 has been left behind as it still relies on the SDHC storage cards. This may perhaps be responsible for its preference as an entry-level shooter. The trick in this difference could be geared towards creating a variety for the sake of capturing the diverse needs of the market.

Its age mates from the canon lab such as the fs22, fs20 and fs21 have great storage capabilities in the form of both the SDHC cards, as well as, expandable flash memories. Perhaps the price factor would be its catching point as it is generally more affordable compared to the other triplets in the family. The fs20 boasts of a 32GB storage capacity which can be further expanded. Thanks to an expansion slot already built within. Besides its storage ability, the fs200 is also underprivileged in terms of its zoom lens. It only has a 41x zoom capability in contrast to fs20’s 45x. This should give the device some limitations in so far as shooting distant images are concerned. The two camcorders differ in the following major areas:

1.The fs200 costs slightly less as compared to the fs20 although this difference can be justified in the difference in features.

2.The fs20 has better image shooting from longer distances due to its 45x zoom against the fs200’s 41x

3.The fs200 has less recording time due to the low storage capacity as compared to the fs20 camcorder

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