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Difference between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4

The two biggest smartphones that compete to have a slice of the market share of smartphone consumers are the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. These two phones have been in a neck and neck race with products that are innovative and appealing to the consumers. Below, a thorough review is done to judge just which of the two phones is superior to the other. After a review of the differences between the two phones, it is hoped that you will be at a better place to make your ultimate decision.

The first thing that is reviewed when looking at the two phones is the type of design that is employed by the phone. The iPhone 5 without a doubt is able to take the gold as it is just stunning to hold and look at. It is perfectly styled to be the ideal phone for you to have. The Galaxy S4 on the other hand still feels somewhat plastic and the aesthetics do not work in the favor of the phone, though, to give credit where it’s due, there have been improvements on the S3 with regards to the aesthetics of the phone.

The display of the iPhone 5 is a 4.0 inch capacitive screen that has the unique Retina display that has been developed by Apple. This display is able to produce an amazing 326 pixels per inch created. The S4 on the other hand comes with a highly styled 5.0 inch glass screen that makes it easier to produce high quality imaging and also easier to read text. It is no doubt that the S4 is the better phone to watch movies with. The screen of the S4 is able to produce an amazing 441 pixels, which is well over 100 pixels more than the iPhone 5.

Due to a user interface system that has been employed by several different devices, there is no doubt that the iPhone 5’s software feels more familiar, because it is the same software that has been used by the iPhone 4, which is the predecessor. The user Interface of the S4 feels rather odd as opposed to the iPhone 5 because it is not the same software that its predecessor runs on.

The design of the S4 UI is great as it allows for multitasking where you can run several tabs as you would in a normal computer. This means it wins this category hands down, since the iPhone 5 is not so good at multitasking.

The keyboard design in the iPhone 5 is more accurate, notwithstanding the fact that the Galaxy S4 has the larger screen between the two phones. One thing that is commendable in the S4 is that it offers a dedicated number row that makes it quite easy to enter passwords.

The iPhone 5 comes with an 8 MP camera at the back while the front has a 1.2 MP camera, both of which can record HDS video. The S4 on the other hand has an amazing 13 MP camera that offers high quality photos and videos, with special prowess in taking night time photos. Performance-wise, the iPhone 5 has a 1 GB or RAM and a dualcore 1.3 GHz processor while the S4 has a 1.9 GHz quad core processor with 2GB or RAM.


iPhone 5 has better design features than the S4

The S4 comes with a 5.0 inch screen that produces 441 pixels per inch

The iPhone 5 comes with a 4.0 Inch screen that is able to produce 326 pixels per inch

S4 allows multitasking while the iPhone 5 does not easily allow multitasking

S4 has a 13MP camera while the iPhone 5 has an 8 MP camera

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