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Roxicet vs Roxicodone

Painkillers are the surest way to reduce pain or numb it entirely. In a society that puts a premium on comfort and convenience, pain has no place in everyday life. Whether it’s an aching knee, a sprain, a minor wound, or a headache, pharmaceutical companies have churned out painkillers by the thousands. In fact, there are now so many painkiller brands in the market that it’s become almost impossible to differentiate between them. Different painkillers work in different ways to alleviate pain, and they can reduce pain according to intensity and location. Aside from these factors, painkillers come in a wide variety not purely for commercial purposes, but also because some people are allergic to certain drugs components. Knowing the components of a particular painkiller brand may save you the hassle of being afflicted with allergy effects, as well as determining if the drug is perfect for the intensity and location of your pain.

For severe pain, there are drugs such as Roxicet and Roxicodone that can reduce pain even to the point of numbness. These two drugs have three things in common. First, they are ingested or administered during the post-operation period, even if the patient is still numb from anesthesia. These drugs are potent and can alleviate moderate to severe pain. They can be given at three-hour intervals to treat severe pain. They deal with just about any pain in the body, from toothaches, migraines, and even severe pain that’s experienced after a surgical operation. People with low pain thresholds are usually prescribed with potent painkillers such as Roxicet and Roxicodone in order to delay the onslaught of nerve-wracking pain.

The second similarity between Roxicet and Roxicodone is that they both contain Oxycodone. This component resembles Morphine. The third similarity is that they have 30 milligrams as their maximum dosage per tablet or pill. However, Roxicet has something added to it: Acetaminophen. This additional component enables Roxicet to increase its effect on the human body because of drug synergy.
Both Roxicet and Roxicodone come with serious drawbacks if they’re used too frequently. If taken too frequently, Roxicodone can become addictive. It is also not recommended for use with asthmatic patients. On the other hand, Roxicet can have adverse effects on the liver. Drinking alcohol while using Roxicet is dangerous. The component Acetaminophen can combine with alcohol and cause extensive damage to the liver. It is important to note that both drugs should only be taken with the doctor’s prescription after the necessary allergy test has been conducted. Even though both drugs have been proven to be effective in treating pain, an allergy test, usually via the skin, must be conducted to ensure that the patient doesn’t suffer any negative effects after ingestion.


Both Roxicet and Roxicodone are potent painkillers with moderate to severe pain-alleviating effects. When administered post-operation, they are ingested even if the patient is still numb from anesthesia.

Both drugs should be taken at three-hour intervals to treat severe pain. They are perfect for people with a low pain threshold.

Both drugs contain the component Oxycodone which acts like Morphine.

Both drugs have a maximum of 30 milligrams per tablet or pill.

The only difference between the two drugs is that Roxicodone contains Acetaminophen, while Roxicodone is simply pure Oxycodone.

Roxicet and Roxicodone can be abused, especially Roxicodone, because it has an addictive effect. Roxicet negatively affects the liver, and its component Acetaminophen can bind with alcohol to damage the liver severely.

These two drugs should only be ingested after an allergy test to ensure that the patient won’t suffer any allergic reactions.

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  1. Please review and clarify your last sentence:

    “The only difference between the two drugs is that Roxicodone contains Acetaminophen, while Roxicodone is simply pure Oxycodone.”

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