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Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream

gelatoGelato and ice cream are both frozen desserts and some gelato is very similar to ice cream.

Both gelato and ice cream are frozen desserts and often thought as the same thing by many. For most of us, the difference is typically in the texture. Gelato tends to melt faster and it is softer than most ice creams.

There is a difference in serving method. Ice cream is served frozen and gelato is served and stored in a little warmer temperature. Ice cream contains more than 10% of fat whereas gelato contains 5-7% of fat. Gelato is made from whole milk to cream.

There are differences in the churning methods of both ice cream and gelato. Gelato is churned at a slow speed than ice cream. Therefore, it is denser and contains less air around 25%, while ice cream contains 50% air.

Some gelatos are water-based and contain no dairy, so it can be considered as one of the vegan desserts. Water-based gelato developed in the southern region of Italy whereas milk-based gelatos developed in the northern region.

Ice cream is a dairy-based frozen dessert that developed in America and spread throughout the world. It comprises both non-fat milk solids and milk fats.


Ice cream: served frozen; contains more fat; made from milk; contains more air

Gelato: melt faster; softer; less fat and contains less air; churning happens at a slower speed; some are water-based and contains no milk; served and stored in a little warmer temperature than ice cream.

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