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Apex vs Apex Lite

Apex and Apex Lite are both AquaController devices from Neptune Systems. Apex Lite is the newer version of the basic Apex AquaController system that has been introduced into the market with some slight changes. Both the controllers run the same software, share the same cases, and are compatible with the same accessories. However, there are some major differences between the two systems.

The base Apex system supports three probes which includes: temp + two probes (1PH + 1PH or ORP). The Apex Lite module is designed to support only two probes; temp + one probe (PH or ORP). The Apex Lite system comes with a single temp probe. In order to make Apex Lite similar to the base Apex system, additional probes need to be purchased separately.

The base Apex system offers four variable voltage ports that can be used either for controllable pumps such as Tunze or dimmable lighting such as VHO ballasts. Apex Lite doesn’t come with variable voltage ports for controlling Tunze pumps or VHO ballasts. Again, the variable speed ports need to be purchased separately to make Apex Lite equally capable as that of Apex. There are two options available on the market for variable speed ports. If you are looking for Aqua Illumination (AI) LED fixtures, the VDM module is a good option as it comes with four variable speed ports. Another option is Aqua Surf which has four variable speed ports but does not support dimmable lighting.

Apex Lite is bundled with one Apex Lite base unit, one six-inch Aquabus cable, one Apex Display Module with a ten-inch Aquabus cable, one temperature probe, one EnergyBar 8, and one owner’s manual. The Apex System contains one Apex base unit, one Standard Grade pH probe, one temperature probe, one six-inch AquaBus cable, one EnergyBar 8, one Apex display module, one ten-inch AquaBus cable, and one owner’s manual.

Besides the removal of four variable speed ports and a second probe (PH/ORP) , the Apex Lite system continues to have the same expandability and software features as that of the Apex system. Both systems look identical, possess exactly the same memory and network settings.The base Apex system is priced at $499.95 with a standard pH probe included. The Apex Lite system is available on the market at a price of $369.95 without a pH probe.


1. Apex supports three probes whereas Apex Lite supports only two probes. Apex

includes one temp + two probes (1PH + 1PH or ORP) whereas the Apex Lite system

includes only one temp probe.

2. Apex has four variable speed ports whereas Apex Lite does not include variable speed


3. The Apex system has more capabilities than the Apex Lite system.

4. The Apex system supports controlling of Tunze pumps or lighting fixtures (0-10V

dimming controls) whereas Apex Lite does not support Tunze pumps and lighting

ballasts control.

5. Apex Lite is cheaper than the base Apex system. Apex Lite is available for $369.95

without a pH probe whereas the Apex system is available for $499.95

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