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Difference Between Nokia E71 and E63

nokia_e71_e63Nokia E71 vs E63

Since the release of the E63, it has been dubbed as a cheaper version of the E71 which has been quite a successful phone. Looking at both, they are almost identical in any aspect but the changes in the hardware does support the theory that Nokia is trying to bring the E71 to a much lower price point. The E63 now sports a colored plastic body which is clearly a step down from the metal finish of the E71. The E63 is also 50% thicker than the E71, even though features have been actually removed from it instead of added.

On the hardware side, some of the not so essential features that increase the price of the E71 have also been removed. An embedded GPS receiver has been taken out of the E63 which is not that much of an issue for people even those who really travel. The removal of HSDPA might be an issue for some people but this is not a deal breaker since older 3G support is still quite capable of providing high speed internet access. The E63 also lacks the side buttons of the E71 that is used mostly for volume and voice recording.

The camera of the E63 has also been scaled down compared to the E71 as it only sports a 2megapixel camera which is a step down from the 3.2megapixel camera installed in the E71. The E63 has a standard 3.5mm audio jack which might excite some people who have been frustrated with the E71’s 2.5mm jack. The change to a standard jack means that most people can now use their favorite headsets or earbuds to listen to music on their mobile phone.

If you have been wanting to get an E71 but have been turned off by its high pricepoint, the E63 might be a nice buy for you. As long as you don’t mind that lack of GPS, HSDPA, and other features that were available in the E71.

1. E63 has been dubbed as a cheaper version of the E71
2. The E63 has a plastic body while the E71 is metal
3. The E63 is thicker than the E71
4. The E63 does not have GPS and HSDPA support which is available on the E71
5. The E63 lacks the side buttons of the E71
6. The 2MP camera of the E63 is a scaled down version of the 3.2MP camera of the E71
7. The E63 has a 3.5mm audio jack while the E71 has a 2.5mm jack

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  1. I bought E63 1 month back, and found it quite good smart phone with many superb features, what I dont like in E63 is its camera, thickness and unavailability of side buttons for volume.
    But overall it has same features that E71 got. The best part of E63 is its standard 3.5 mm audio jack which is lacking in E71, so I can use standard headphone for listening music and radio..;-)

    I would recommend E71 over E63 if you are looking for a good and complete smart phone and doesnt care much about your budget.

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